Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOYWW - I'm baxk!

Good morning everybody. I am sorry I missed last week, but I was having so much fun at CHA in Chicago, I completely forgot it was Wednesday!
So this is what is on my desk (my floor) this morning. Some of the goodies I brought back from America. Yes, I said some, because I could not fit everything into one photo and the kids have all taken their presents already LOL.
Most wonderful things there? My pink ATG of course! Now I no longer have to be jealous every time I see one on somebody's desk. Then there is my Copic Certification handbook! YAY me! I am now officialy Copic certified, the Copic shadows and shading book by Marianne Walker (I met her and she signed it for me!!!) A whole lot of stamps, mostly LaLaLand and My Favourite Things, all the make and takes from CHA and of course, just to prove I was really there, my badge!
It took me more than 48 hours to get home! First the plane had technical difficulties and we had to spend the night in Chicago, then there was bad weather and we were further delayed, so I am so tired today, but its back to work for me, have a great day everybody. I took loads of photo's so I will be back with more from CHA later.
If you do noy know why I would post my 'desk', pop over to Julia ( ) and all will become clear.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One more sleep, so no desk today.... Sorry!

I know I have been driving everybody stark raving mad, but can i just say it one more time please!!!!? I am leaving for CHA tomorrow!!!!! So no desk today, I am frantically trying to get everything sorted out at home before I leave.
I just had to come and say good bye though and leave you with some pics of my adorable grandchildren. I am going to miss them terribly while I am gone.
First, our little Gemma, already a Diva at 7 months old. She is the only baby I know that won't take the glasses off, she thinks she is just too cool! LOL

Then there's my namesake, Tertia - Lee. We took the 3 eldes grandies to the zoo last weekend and even though she was really sick, she did not want to stay home. See how pale she is? And.. she did not complain once the whole day.

My beautiful Hannah, 7 and so not fond of school. She is the most knowledgable little 7yo I know and yet, she struggles terribly ay school. It breaks my heart and I wish I could help her.

My beautiful boy, 9 yo Luke (I know he doesn't look so very beautiful on this photo, but he is at the age where he starts pulling faces the second he sees the camera! LOL) My super clever grandson, who sometimes scare me with his intelligence. I really hope he does not discover its uncool to be so smart. He promised to keep an eye on oupa and Skype me (yes, he has his own Skype) the moment he sees another woman near his oupa, or he catches oupa smoking - Its been 7 weeks since he stopped and so far he is doing great!

Now I have to run, but make sure you pop over to Julia at to get your weekly fix of desks.

See you all in two weeks, maybe next week, but even though I am taking the laptop. I am not making any promises.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mo's free image = how cute is she?

I hope I am not too late posting this. Mo Manning posted this freebie paper doll on Facebook and of course, if its one of Mo's I have to have it (even if its not a freebie, but shhh... don't tell my DH)
She was printed and coloured as soon as I downloaded her, but you know how it goes. One of my grandchildren got the Adeno Virus (nasty stomach bug!) and I had to take him for a day to give DD some rest, I wanted to play with him too, so it was actually for me and not DD that I offered. Then there is CHA that I need to pack for, and do some last minute shopping! Did I happen to mention that I was going on my blog before? Maybe once or twice? More like I am wearing you guys out by now, LOL.
Friday night we spent with old friends and only got home in the early hours of the morning - nothing like old friend and good memories hey?
Yesterday we took the three eldest grandies to the Pretoria zoo. Great day, lots of fun, but no crafting or blogging time for me. This morning my DS came to visit and we had a braai (barbeque for those of you that don't braai) One ray of sunshine in mid winter and we braai, so South African!
OK, now I have run out of excuses as to why I didn't finish my card, so here she is - al done and looking really gorgeous I think.

Here's a close up, hoping you can see the bling on her dress, shoes and bow. Paper are Bazzil and 3 bugs in a rug. She was coloured with my beloved Copic markers. Flowers are from Wild Orchid crafts and the bling and ribbon from my local Chinese market.
In case you missed it, let me remind you - only 4 more sleeps till I leave for Chicago!!!!