Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WOYWW - First week of holidays!

Good morning deskers. You will be proud to know that my playroom has had a thorough clean. It took 3 day but it is such a great feeling to work in a clean room! The desk might not look very clean, but I assure you that it is only the left overs from recent play times and most of it has been cleaned already. You will see curtain hooks from a curtain that has been finished and is hanging already. Some pink vinyl from some signs I made for mt daghter's business and no, those are not potato chipsm that is my pencil bag!

 I gave myself a family photo shppt for Christmas and those beautiful photo's sparked the scrapbooking bug again. I forgot how relaxing and fulfilling scrapbooking can be.
 The first one is of me and all my children and grandchildren. Love having those.
 Next one is of my two youngest. They are 22 months apart and after 28 years I can not remember them ever fighting about anything. They are each other's best friends and I just LOVE watching the two of them together. They make me laugh every day.
The last one is of my son with all his nieces and nephews. They juat adore their 'omie'. He gives the best gifts, he understands them and is the only single man I know that has the guts to take 5 kids on an outing and have them beg for more when he takes them home
I am off with DH to go and do some Christmas shopping. Wish me luck.
Happy WOYWW. I will visit a little later. Enjoy the rest of this week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WOYWW - Long time no see!

 I am back after a very long absence. It is finally the official end of the school year over here and I am on holiday for the next 5 weeks! YAY!!!! It has been a VERY hard and long year, but I am proud to announce that I survived. This post is very photo heavy, so I won't blame anybody that gives up before the end
 This is my 'workdesk 'for today. My dining room table. I am making new curtains for our bedroom. Mine looks like the hair on a dogs back. Completely disintegrated in the last wash. Nothing can withstand the African sun.
 On my real desk, minus the tablecloth that is in the wash after my big start to the holiday clean up, are the images that I coloured in the last few days, waiting patiently to go onto cards.
A bigger view of the desk. A pile of kits to do some scrapbooking. I am waiting for photo's from the family photo shoot that was my gift to myself this Christmas. You can see a canvas with a vinyl design on, ready to go to my classroom library next year and for those eagle eyed among you.. did you spot the box for my external hard drive? Yes, I did, I backed up all my digital designs and photo's. Are you proud of me?
About two weeks ago, we had a devastating storm, that blew the roof with some trusses off the school across the road from my house. The wind was so strong that it blew the sheets of corrugated iron over two buildings, across the road and onto our roof! Very scary stuff. My DH went to check on Google earht and according to them it was 150 m.
 Those sheets of corrugated iron sliced through some of our trees and some landed on the fence between our house and the neighbours house.
 The tree came crashing down on the fence, taking the electric fencing with it.
 One of the roof trusses landed squarly on our roof, shattering four roof tiles that came crashing through the ceiling in my bedroom.
 All the water coming through caused serious water damage to the carpet. Thank goodness we are insured,
It has been quite an ordeal, but thank goodness nobody was injured and all the rest can be fixed.
I have really missed my visits to all of you deskers at WOYWW and can not wait to see you all later.
Have a great week everybody.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOYWW - I cleaned!

Good morning all the wonderful people from WOYWW and everybody else who happens to pop in. I am having a busy, but wonderful holiday. I am colouring up a storm, finishing some long forgotten projects and slowly, but surely getting to a point where all that was stolen from us has been replaced. At least I have an ID card now, so the next step is to apply for a new drivers license.
As you can see from the desk, I have had a major clean. It is so wonderful to actually have some space to work!
 I have been colouring some images by Tanya OƇonnor, a local artist who sells the most amzing adult colouring books. These ladies are going onto cards soon. I am also working on some thank you cards that are going to a wedding as part of the table decorations. All cut and ready to assemble in a while.
 A friend asked me to do some family quotes for her photo wall (about 3 months ago!) and I finally got round to doing them. Good thing my friends are an understanding and patient bunch.
I did manage to visit everybody two weeks ago when I last played and hope to do the same this week, but first I have a meeting with the new leaders of our school, to plan their year of office.
Have a fantastic day everybody, I am enjoying this second day of Spring.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WOYWW - Finally!!! I have time to play!

I was going to start this weeks post by telling you why I was away for so long. How very busy I have been and how bad my life is. How we have been burgled twice in two weeks and.... and then I took these photo's. I had a good look at them and realised that I am so very blessed. Blessed to have the wonderful DH who allows me to feed my hobby and that enables me to have an incredible craft room. I call this my happy place and sometimes, when life is really hectic, I just sit there and look at all the pretty rainbows and feel instantly better.
A lot has changed since the last time I came over to visit. A local scrapbooking store closed down (yes, very sad) and I was able to pick up another paper rack for a steal. I moved my computer desk into my play room, so that I can do everything in the same place. I also got a new printer. Love it! 
From this view you can see my new paper rack and my improved ribbon storage. When my DH made the first one (the right side), he told me I would never be able to fill it, so, I took that as a challenge and had to! What else is a girl to do? DH and his friend made me another and the middle section to store my punches. The comment this time? I am sure you will be able to fill it, but please try not to. LOL!! 
With this beautiful place to play, where do I work? In the lounge, on my fold down table (that DH made for me!), next to him, so that we can chat and solve all our problems in front of the TV. 
So, you see, I do not have a bad, busy, crazy life. I am incredibly blessed!
Have an amazing week, I am on holiday and without my car, so I will be visiting everybody this week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WOYWW Loving my mid term breaak!

Good afternoon to all you beautiful desk stalkers out there! It is very cold here, I am wrapped in a blanket while I write this post. It has been a wonderful week for me so far. I am on mid term break from school and should have been marking exam papers, but my craft room was feeling very neglected, so I decided to play a little in stead.
As you can see, my desk looks terrible, but that's OK, I had fun. 
I also spent some time with some of ,my very favourite people in the whole world. Three of my grandies went with me yesterday to see Disney on Ice. It was fantastic! The littlest grandie declared me the best granny in the whole world when she got back. She told her mother she didn't like it, she LOVED it! LOL Makes me feel rather good. 
Remember to pop in to see Julia and to pay a visit to all the other WOYWW ers out there.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WOYWW - Working like a demon!

Good afternoon all you lovely people! Since last week I have marked one set of exam papers, gone on a school sports tour and spent some time with DH over the long weekend we had over here in South Africa. Been crazy busy, but I rewarded myself with some time in my play room to colour after finishing the exams, that is why my desk is looking like a tip!  
The first card is one that I finished a while ago. The image was quite a challenge, but I enrolled for the monthly create and Learn classes over at Kit and Clowder and even though I thought I was quite adept with my beloved Copic markers, I have learned so much from Alyce. Easy to follow video's and written instructions to follow and best of all? She gives the most wonderful feedback when you get stuck!
 The next card is one done with an image I coloured a while ago. No time to make cards, but always able to find some time to colour! The end result is a mountain of coloured images and an empty card box.
 And here is the results of my reward to myself. It took a very long time, but I am loving it so far. Now for those storm clouds in the background, yikes! If they turn out half decent, I will show you all next week. Now I am off to cook and then its back to marking the next set of exam papers.

Tomorrow morning My grandie is doing her first violin exam and she was adamant that I have to take her. She says mom makes her too nervous. LOL Wish me luck!
Remember to visit queen Julia to see all the wonderfully creative people from all over the world show off their amazing work desks, most of them a lot neater and far more inspiring than mine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WOYWW - can you say bad day?


Good  evening all! I started this post last night and then disaster struck! I got up to fetch my camera and bumped my cup of coffee. Murphy's law happened. Yip! It spilled the entire cup on my laptop! I grabbed every piece of tissue I could find and tried to get rid of all the liquid, but.... It died! 
I was distraught! Not only did I want to slap myself for being so stupid, but DH was going to kill me! I went to bed and said a little prayer. Took it to school today and asked the wonderful Vuyo from our help desk to do a miracle! Well, she did!! My baby is alive! Not well, but alive! All my files could be recovered, but she had to revert to factory settings which means all my Apps are gone. I spent the most part of the afternoon reloading them, so I am almost ready to go.
Thought I would show you the finished project from last week, the one I nearly gave up on. Seems quite appropriate for the day I have had.  My desk is a mess as you can see and then just to gain a little sympathy, I am showing you my desk at school whith all those exam papers that need marking. 
Happy WOYWW everybody.