Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOTWW - A weird week.

 Good morning all the wonderful friends from WOYWW (and I use the term friends, because you have all become good friends even though I have never met any of you face to face) and anybody else who happens to come for a visit. As you can see, my desk is slowly getting worse and worse - no time for cleaning between work and play you see. Did you spot the rasberry Fizzers? Love those!

 Went to a stamping get together on Saturday and had way too much fun. I also spent way too much money on things I really need (well, thats what I keep telling myself LOL) Came home and plated. I have been eyeing that poppy die for a long time and finally bought it. I am not sorry, I love it! Gave the poppies a little bit of life with my beloved Copics, added some scraps from my scrap box a little ribbon and that was all that was needed for a great card.
 My grandie was paging through some magazines and found this cool little album with instructions. How could I say no when she came to me and asked: 'Ouma. do you think we can make this?' I mean, you never, ever say no to a grandie unless it is potentially life threatening, do you? It is made from one sheet of cardstock and some patterned paper from a local company Fab Scraps. It was also an excuse to use another new die.
Thought I would show you the cake my DD made for Tiani's 2nd birthday. Such a prescious little  CANCER FREE girl!
The title of my post, you ask?
Well this has been a weird year, with many weird things happening. Chevaune's snake bite and more and then this week the tragic news of Oscar Pistorius shooting and killing his girlfriend. I pray for all the parties involved.
A friend from school is married to a teacher who teaches at one of our neighbouring schools. He went on a hike with some of the staff and some of the learners from his school and while on the hike one of the girls (15) slipped and plummeted to her death down a cliff. Please pray for him and all the people on that hike as well as for the parents of the girl. This is such a devastating thing to happen and must be the worst nightmare for any teacher.
May you all have a fantastic day and a 'weird free' week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WOYWW - Love or hate the postie?

 Good morning to all and a special welcome to my friends from WOYWW! And what a lovely morning it is over here in South Africa. The sun is streaming into my craftroom, all tests are marked and today is gonna be a good day! ( I am depending on the power of positive thinking here ) On my desk this week there is a lot of stuff, and yes, its just random STUFF! I haven't had much time to craft and the desk was used last night to mark tests (the sacriledge! To use my happy place to mark! There should be a law against that!!!!) As you can see, I used the 'shove to the side' method to create space.

 When you live in Africa you have a love hate relationship with the postie. Sometimes things take a few days to get here from Europe, but mostly it can take anything from weeks to months. A friend recieved a card that was posted in South Africa in November only this week!
At the moment I love our postie, he brought me two pieces of happy mail yesterday. First a beautiful card and post card from the lovely Claire. I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE that card, it going in a frame for sure. Then there was a wonderful card and cross in matching box from Jo, as always, her talent just completely amazes me and it was just the right gift for the right day, I really needed a cross in my pocket yesterday.

I did manage some play time over the week end and scrapped some photo's of my littlest grandie.
Tiani is back in South Africa, looking so healthy and she celebrated her 2nd birthday on Monday. Chevaunne, the girl with the snake bite, has had her skin graft and all looks well, so it is with a full and very grateful heart that I bid you farewell this morning.
May you all have a wonderful week.