Sunday, March 22, 2009

9 Kisses and 51 hugs

9 Kisses and 51 hugs, was the answer my husband got from my granddaughter, Hannah(4) when he asked her if she wasn't going to run out of hugs and kisses soon. She must be the most lovable little girl I know. She just loves to give hugs and kisses. I think we could make a fortune if we rented her out to people who are having a bad day! LOL. She thought for a little while after the question and than came the innocent reply. "No oupa, I don't think so, because I still have 9 kisses and 51 hugs for today (this was just before bedtime) and tomorrow I am getting new ones again! I get new ones every day."
Why do we have to lose the ability to use all those hugs and kisses we are given when we grow up? I can feel a Scrapbook page coming on.

Yesterday my husband took me shopping. He bought me two tables and a new light for my scraproom, so now I am officially ready to rock and roll in that room. I can't wait to start. The first thing I have to do is make step by step instructions with photo's for the papercrafting week that I am teaching in two weeks time. Really missing my friend Teresa who helped me last year, but is now living on the other side of the world.

And after that? Just play! Can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another card

This card is not my own idea! Isaw a similar card on a blog when I was blog hopping and can not find the link for the life of me. So, if this is you I apologise or if you recognise it and know where it came from, please let me have the link so that I can give credit where credit is due!
I fell in love with the birdcages stamps from Basic Grey, but had no idea what to do with it untill I saw this. The cage is stamped on acetate and lifted with foam squares to give the impression that the bird is sitting inside the cage. The papers are from Basic Grey and Bazzil and the inks from colorbok and black ink is stayzon.
I spent most of last weekend sorting out my scraproom and am very excited to have some friends over next week to scrap in my own space. I never knew I had so much stash! I don't think I will need to go shopping for a long time - like that is going to happen! LOL
As soon as the room is all sorted out I will post some pics. No, I don't have a camera yet, but my DS has kindly offered to let me use his for the time being.
It seems like things are slowly changing for the better. My car made a funny noise this afternoon when I came home from school, but the noise stopped after I said a little prayer and it hasn't come back, so I am trusting that it was nothing serious. My tax rebate that was paid into the wrong account arrived in my account today, not a day too soon or too late I might add and I was given an old card stand from the Media Centre at school. They were getting rid of it and the librarian asked if I would like it. It is a hideous pink, but I am going to try to paint it and then it will be perfect for all my embellishments.
If somebady is out there reading this, please leave me a comment, I am feeling kinda lonely out here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally something to show you.

This is a card I made for a friend at work. Everybody clubs together to get a worthwhile gift and then everybody signs the card. Usually there is not enough room for everybody and the card ends up looking really messy, so I made this card with all the tags so that there would be enough room for everybody to sign. The tags look the same on both sides and there are 5 of them, so plenty of room. The card was made with stamps from Basic Grey, Ink from Colorbok, Patterned paper by Fab Scraps, a local South African manufacturer and Cardstock by Bazzil.
Saw the original colour combo at Stamp TV and loved the layout and colours Gina used.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MIA, but not out of action.

It seems like forever since I have blogged. I promise I haven't died or given in to the attempts to let negativity take over my life!
So much has been happening. I am crazy busy at school. The Cheerleaders have their first Gala to perform at today and I had to get everything ready for that. Had to sort out uniforms for them after the person who would have made the uniforms let us down at the last minute. (The story of my life lately ) It is amazing what you can find at Mr. Price Sports when you have to. LOL
Anke has been for a MRI on her knee to determine the damage and after waiting for more than a week for the results they finally came back with the worst possible news. Her ACL ligament that was reconstructed last year was torn again and she will have to go for another reconstruction as soon as possible! I don't think I have seen my little (22yo) girl cry like that since she was about 4. This means the end of Netball to her (that is, as a player, she will always be involved as a coach and umpire!). Sport is her life and when you are young it is hard to imagine the end of a dream.
On Saturday she went to the physio and had the leg strapped so that she could play an Intervarsity Waterpolo match against the University of Pretoria. Her team won, 15 - 5. The dr. said that she didn't need an ACL to play water polo, so she went ahead and played, crazy child! Now we are playing the waiting game again. We are waiting to hear if the medical Aid will pay for a second op in just over a year - if not, we have to find R70 000. We are waiting for the water polo season to end and the university holiday to start. Then of course, we are waiting to hear when the National water polo team is going on tour and whether she is in the final team. The team will be announced after Curry Cup in April. I don't know how to pray any more, so now I just pray like we were taught in the Bible: "Your will be done, Lord."
Juan moved out and I am missing him terribly.
I am packing 120 kits for the papercrafting week at school at the end of the month. Who would have known it is such hard work? It seems to be never ending.
I have made a few cards for friends and because I STILL don't have a camera, I can't show you.
The fundraiser I started for the little under 8 Baseball team has raised R3000 and a couple of bats, helmets, mitts and balls. So now I have to find somewhere to buy the kit for them too!
Then of course, my refund from mr.taxman was payed into the wrong account (go figure!) and I have to try and sort that out today, so you see, I haven't forgotten to blog, I just don't seem to have any time.