Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOYWW - Back from nowhere and very busy!

Good evening to all you wonderful WOYWWers. I am back in the land of functioning computers and all other technology. Orkney was great, but my word ... nothing happens there every five minutes and carries on for hours!
 I made these cute little baby cards for a friend. Aren't those little jersey toppers the cutest thing you have ever seen? Her aunt, a lady in her seventies, knitted them for her.
 This is a close up of one of them. I just LOVE them to bits.
Some of you asked about Drummie Nationals. Our girls did us very proud and came second in every march they competed in. I took this photo from the stands with my new lens.
My friend Cindy had her last chemo on Monday and is doing very well. Little Tianie is on her third chemo session and also seems to be responding well to the treatment. So all in all a lot to be grateful for.
We are in the middle of the selection process for the new leaders at our school. Always a very stressful.  It is so very important to the girls and they are devastated if they are not made leaders. I always feel so sorry for them, it breaks my heart and on some level it goes against everything I believe in to tell kids that some of them are more worthy than others. But I suppose that life works like that and it is a good life lesson for them to learn.
Have a great Wednesday, I hope to visit some more of you this week.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WOYWW - In the middle of nowhere!

Sitting at a stadium in the middle of nowhere watching my girls march at the Drummie Nationals. They are doing really well, but there is really not much happening in Orkney. Lots of lovely parents shouting their hearts out for their girls, but about it. I did take some photo's for you but my phone has decided that it does not want to upload today.  Hope you are all having  a great Wednesday, see you soon