Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WOYWW - Working like a demon!

Good afternoon all you lovely people! Since last week I have marked one set of exam papers, gone on a school sports tour and spent some time with DH over the long weekend we had over here in South Africa. Been crazy busy, but I rewarded myself with some time in my play room to colour after finishing the exams, that is why my desk is looking like a tip!  
The first card is one that I finished a while ago. The image was quite a challenge, but I enrolled for the monthly create and Learn classes over at Kit and Clowder and even though I thought I was quite adept with my beloved Copic markers, I have learned so much from Alyce. Easy to follow video's and written instructions to follow and best of all? She gives the most wonderful feedback when you get stuck!
 The next card is one done with an image I coloured a while ago. No time to make cards, but always able to find some time to colour! The end result is a mountain of coloured images and an empty card box.
 And here is the results of my reward to myself. It took a very long time, but I am loving it so far. Now for those storm clouds in the background, yikes! If they turn out half decent, I will show you all next week. Now I am off to cook and then its back to marking the next set of exam papers.

Tomorrow morning My grandie is doing her first violin exam and she was adamant that I have to take her. She says mom makes her too nervous. LOL Wish me luck!
Remember to visit queen Julia to see all the wonderfully creative people from all over the world show off their amazing work desks, most of them a lot neater and far more inspiring than mine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WOYWW - can you say bad day?


Good  evening all! I started this post last night and then disaster struck! I got up to fetch my camera and bumped my cup of coffee. Murphy's law happened. Yip! It spilled the entire cup on my laptop! I grabbed every piece of tissue I could find and tried to get rid of all the liquid, but.... It died! 
I was distraught! Not only did I want to slap myself for being so stupid, but DH was going to kill me! I went to bed and said a little prayer. Took it to school today and asked the wonderful Vuyo from our help desk to do a miracle! Well, she did!! My baby is alive! Not well, but alive! All my files could be recovered, but she had to revert to factory settings which means all my Apps are gone. I spent the most part of the afternoon reloading them, so I am almost ready to go.
Thought I would show you the finished project from last week, the one I nearly gave up on. Seems quite appropriate for the day I have had.  My desk is a mess as you can see and then just to gain a little sympathy, I am showing you my desk at school whith all those exam papers that need marking. 
Happy WOYWW everybody.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WOYWW - Thoughts on missing my mother.

Well hallo there. Long time no see. I have been neglecting all of you and my poor dear blog for quite some time. I really missed my weekly Wednesday fix of desk snooping and visiting over a cup of tea. But alas, life just got to me. School has been crazy busy. Family life has taken its toll and my desk became a dumping ground with absolutely nothing creative happening.
 I realised that the main reason for my bad moods was the fact that I have also neglected me. I NEED to be creative. I need to go into my play room and just be by myself for a while and play with my beloved Copics and my pretty papers and recharge my soul. So that's what I did! I got myself a colouring book for adults and boy am I having fun! I have also made some good luck cards for some of my girls that are starting exams on Friday.
This is one of the pages I am working on. Love this and plan to frame it and hang it in my class room when I am done. 

Have a great week everybody. I will be around to visit as soon as I can.

Warning: Personal ramblings to follow. Stop reading if you just came to see the desk.

This year it is 13 years since my mother passed away. I can hardly believe that it has been so long already. I can still remember the day she died so vividly. I can still feel the pain, the absolute devastation, the feeling of being so very alone without my confidant, my role model, my best friend and my adviser.
I remember asking my dad shortly after that day if the pain ever goes away and his honest answer that he really did not know. He thought it might get better after 28 years and the realisation that it was 27 years since his mom passed. So, after 13 years, I am not even half way to 28 years. The pain is not so unbearable any more and I have more good than bad days.
I firmly believe that she is always around. I often talk to her and sometimes she opens doors. There is one door in my class that opens every time I tell the girls a story about what 'The wise old lady' as they refer to her, would do or say. She really was the wisest person I ever knew and when I have to talk to the girls and give advice about things, I always seem to quote her. It has become a standing joke in class. The girls will often tell me: "Mevrou, your mom is here" and point to the cupboard door that has mysteriously opened.
These last few days have been very hard. I miss her so very much. If you are lucky enough to still have your mother, get up now, hug her, phone her, tell her how much you love her.