Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WOYWW - can you say bad day?


Good  evening all! I started this post last night and then disaster struck! I got up to fetch my camera and bumped my cup of coffee. Murphy's law happened. Yip! It spilled the entire cup on my laptop! I grabbed every piece of tissue I could find and tried to get rid of all the liquid, but.... It died! 
I was distraught! Not only did I want to slap myself for being so stupid, but DH was going to kill me! I went to bed and said a little prayer. Took it to school today and asked the wonderful Vuyo from our help desk to do a miracle! Well, she did!! My baby is alive! Not well, but alive! All my files could be recovered, but she had to revert to factory settings which means all my Apps are gone. I spent the most part of the afternoon reloading them, so I am almost ready to go.
Thought I would show you the finished project from last week, the one I nearly gave up on. Seems quite appropriate for the day I have had.  My desk is a mess as you can see and then just to gain a little sympathy, I am showing you my desk at school whith all those exam papers that need marking. 
Happy WOYWW everybody.


  1. As the saying goes....things can only get better. And I really do hope that's right for you.
    Annie x # 20

  2. Good luck with the exam marking. Hope your computer is soon feeling much better! x Jo

  3. What an ace Vuyo is, we love her! Argh, I had to recently reinstall a shed load of Apps..was half way through and wondered why I was bothering with at least 80% of them unused. AMazing how fickle I am! Love the sight of your home desk, and believe me, you have sympathy for the's definitely something that I would have to do first thing every day...if I left it, I'm fairly sure I'd fall asleep over them!

  4. And I forgot as usual, to say how FAB that colouring is..worth the finishing!

  5. Hi Tertia, blimey what a day!So pleased you managed to get it fixed. We'd be lost without our tech these days. News was not what I wanted to hear, but it is what it is, and I just have to deal with it. The don't give up was particularly appropriate for your day! Have a good week, hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  6. Exam papers, don't miss them at all. Have you ever noticed they seem to go on forever, I used to think that someone kept adding more to the pile. Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24

  7. I had intended to visit before I fell asleep this morning, since I saw you had visited me, but sleep won out, especially since either blogger is very slow today, or my computer is on its last leg. OK, I won't even go there, especially after your disaster. At least YOURS is now running again.

    Even before I read it, I thought how appropriate the "Don't give up" is. It is truly drop dead gorgeous, too.

    So glad my students (when I was a GTA in grad school) took all tests on the computer. The only thing I had to grade was their book reports. I hope your students could spell, punctuate, and create better sentences than the college freshmen I taught.

    Happy WYOWW from # 1.

  8. You have my sympathies, my hubby is a maths teacher and has been marking day and night since last friday. So glad you were able to get your files back after the coffee incident. I wouldn't blame you for giving up on your project but it was certainly worth the effort. It's beautiful.
    Have a great week,
    Von #17

  9. Oh you are so blessed to have someone that could get that much done with the computer, pity you can't utilize the services with those exam papers. I do hope you have time to craft and I pray you week gets better. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  10. Glad you got to save your files and I hate reloading things back on. So impressed that you coloured in that wonderful reminder to not give up it's just stunning :)
    Happy Late WOYWW hugs Nikki 6

  11. Oh what a pickle, bet you were distraught. Still things turned out, better than liked as they say, in the end.
    Hugs, Neet (who missed you out last week on WOYWW, sorry, things got in the way)