Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WOYWW - Thoughts on missing my mother.

Well hallo there. Long time no see. I have been neglecting all of you and my poor dear blog for quite some time. I really missed my weekly Wednesday fix of desk snooping and visiting over a cup of tea. But alas, life just got to me. School has been crazy busy. Family life has taken its toll and my desk became a dumping ground with absolutely nothing creative happening.
 I realised that the main reason for my bad moods was the fact that I have also neglected me. I NEED to be creative. I need to go into my play room and just be by myself for a while and play with my beloved Copics and my pretty papers and recharge my soul. So that's what I did! I got myself a colouring book for adults and boy am I having fun! I have also made some good luck cards for some of my girls that are starting exams on Friday.
This is one of the pages I am working on. Love this and plan to frame it and hang it in my class room when I am done. 

Have a great week everybody. I will be around to visit as soon as I can.

Warning: Personal ramblings to follow. Stop reading if you just came to see the desk.

This year it is 13 years since my mother passed away. I can hardly believe that it has been so long already. I can still remember the day she died so vividly. I can still feel the pain, the absolute devastation, the feeling of being so very alone without my confidant, my role model, my best friend and my adviser.
I remember asking my dad shortly after that day if the pain ever goes away and his honest answer that he really did not know. He thought it might get better after 28 years and the realisation that it was 27 years since his mom passed. So, after 13 years, I am not even half way to 28 years. The pain is not so unbearable any more and I have more good than bad days.
I firmly believe that she is always around. I often talk to her and sometimes she opens doors. There is one door in my class that opens every time I tell the girls a story about what 'The wise old lady' as they refer to her, would do or say. She really was the wisest person I ever knew and when I have to talk to the girls and give advice about things, I always seem to quote her. It has become a standing joke in class. The girls will often tell me: "Mevrou, your mom is here" and point to the cupboard door that has mysteriously opened.
These last few days have been very hard. I miss her so very much. If you are lucky enough to still have your mother, get up now, hug her, phone her, tell her how much you love her.


  1. Hi Tertia. It's good to see you joining in. Creative play really does help through the difficult times in life. The fact that you miss your Mum as much as you do just means you loved her so very much. They are never around as long as we would like if they are that special but we must always remember that some never have what we had and treasure the memories. I lost my Dad when I was only 31 and my Mum when I was just 40 and they were both very special people.
    Sending you big hugs,
    Annie x # 16

  2. Hello there, I did read to the end (cus I'm nosey) I feel for you I really do, but I truely believe they are angels around us and watching and guiding us all great room and great stash

    Thanks for the snoop
    N0 24

  3. Hi Tertia, I was surprised to see your name, I'd missed you being on WOYWW! I can so feel for you, it must be very hard to grow accustomed to. What a lovely story about the cupboard door- and I'm sure you are right, it is her acknowledging your remembrances of her, and passing on her words of wisdom.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xx

  4. So good to see you at WOYWW! I feel for you. My mom has been gone a little over a year, and I miss her sooooo much! But she was 88. But I still miss her. I just thank God every day I know she is right there with Jesus. Mom left us such a legacy of her strong faith. Thanks for a peek into your world. #62

  5. Luckily my mom is still around, albeit on another continent, and I have my son here for a visit. I know it is inevitable that she will be gone someday, and that DS will likely drift away, if only for a time, but a reminder to cherish what we have before it's gone is always worth saying. It will get better, I'm sure, it probably already is a BIT better than it was, but I doubt the pain of loss will ever be completely healed. Maybe that is as it should be, to keep reminding us.
    Hang in there and keep remembering with love

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  6. Good to see you back, I too have had a bit of an absence but am feeling crafty again,

  7. Good to see you back at creating. I get grumpy when I can't get in to paint. I love your cards and that Don't give up is really fab. Sorry about your mum, I lost mine last year so I know how you feel.
    Have a great week,
    Von #13

  8. I was simply thrilled to see you had posted again. Then I saw your desk, and read about your mother. I have been without my Grandmother for over 20 years (I was raised by my grandparents) and the pain dulls, but the memories and the sadness still hits at some of the most unpredictable times. Not much comfort, but at least I know what you are going through.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier. Happy belated WOYWW from #5.

  9. I hope you are embracing the fact that your mum is around you bevcause I am certain that is the reason for the doors opening.
    Love the cards you are making - who makes the stamp of the studious girl, it is wonderful - and so is your colouring of her.
    Hugs Neet 11 xx

  10. I talk to my Mum all the time...she passed away three years ago. It's tough when such a strong part of your life isn't there any more physically...but she is really - in you.
    it was lovely to see on the desks're doing the right thing though, making time for yourself. We're very bad at doing that, aren't we? I have a spare ATC if you'd like me your address :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

  11. Lovely work - I love the 'don't give up' piece, what a gorgeous background. I lost my mum 6 years ago and it feels like yesterday, I totally relate to what you are saying, and sympathise with what you are going through.
    Diana x

  12. Hello, Tertia. Nice to meet you. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'm the youngest child in a family of six. I was only 37 when we lost our mother. I felt so sad that I hadn't had her with me as long as my sibs and the pain of her loss lasted years. It's been 27 years now, and the pain for the most part has been replaced by all of the sweet and precious memories. We lost our Dad 15 years ago, and our eldest sister 4 years ago. I do believe that our lost loved ones become our guardian angels. And yes, I believe they leave signs to let us know that they are with us. Do take care of you. Your work is beautiful. Crafters know that working with our tools is absolutely therapeutic. Have a better week. Nann4 #40

  13. (((Tertia))) I lost my mum nearly two years ago this October and my dad one year this October. My mum had dementia for over 7 years before she passed and didn't know who dad or I were. I speak to my mum and dad. I have mainly happy memories now, but like you some days aren't so good. I hope you have a mainly happy memories.

    I have just got into those adult colouring books. I do them whilst watching TV.

    Love the cards.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #26

  14. Welcome back, Tertia! And thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. Your creative space looks lovely and busy. I know only too well the absolute NEED to be creative, and how hard it was during my period of uncertainty and preoccupation until I'd recovered from my surgery, when my creative mojo vanished without trace! So lovely when it returned, even if I don't have a lot of energy to do much.

    I was very moved by your account of your mother. I can identify so much, over the loss of my father 18 months ago. He constantly opens doors for me, too - in my heart! He is with me always, and things happen, or I see or hear things, that instantly bring him back to me, and I wish he was physically present so I could share them with him!

    I love your "don't give up!" colouring - very encouraging and motivating! We all need to remind ourselves of this when things get difficut.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and please never feel guilty about how you feel about things. Everything is relative, and we are all given strength to deal with whatever happens. I am coping very well with God's help and all the prayers that have gone up for me over the past months - from 6 of the 7 continents of the world, no less! Thank you so much for adding your own - it means more than I can say. Thank you also for your good wishes for my complete recovery!

    I am so glad you like my little lavender sachets. All being well today, I am going to start making the boxes for them.

    Happy belated WOYWW and keep smiling!
    Shoshi #30

  15. Your vivid memories of your mother brought tears to my eyes...I wish I had that kind of relationship with my mother.