Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WOYWW - Crazy busy, but having fun.

Good afternoon all the lovely people from WOYWW. I have been crazy busy at school as usual. We are nearing the end of first term and I am away on leadership camp with the grade 11 girls next week, which means that all my marking and submitting of marks have to be done by tomorrow!!! Yikes! How did that happen so fast> My desk looks very dark, it is an overcast day. You will see some seeds that need planting so that my winter garden can have some colour. There is also some transfer tape for the vinyl signs I am making to decorate the staff restroom at school and some other random 'stuff' from recent quick trips into my craftroom for some creative relief.

 Here are two of the four signs I am working on. Upcycling of some very outdated and kitch ones that were there, but we felt we could not look at for one more day.

 I thought I would also show you my latest colouring. Done with my beloved Copics. It is the February Create and Learn image over at Kit and Clowder. Love how it turned out.
Have a great week everybody. I am off to listen to a string ensemble with my grandie. Filling up the soul with beautiful music, almost as good as making art!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WOYWW - Has it really been THREE months?!

Good evening all you wonderful people at WOYWW. I can not believe it has been three whole months since the last time I blogged. It feels like it was last week, except when I remember everything that has happened in those three months. A lifetime of drama and busy, busy, busy at school (even more than usual! Never thought that was possible, but it was!!)
On my desk today dear fellow deskers you will see a lot. A lot of not much happening and neglect of my poor little craft room. Some seeds, ready to be planted, so that I can have some colour in my life during winter. some half finished projects waiting patiently to be finished and a half done, huge notice board that has to go up outside DD's Sports center. To help her keep track of everything that is going on at school on the sports fields. Quite the task when you are the Head of Sport at a school that offers 11 different Sports in two different schools (Primary and High School). 

I have managed to do something creative to feed my soul. I found an adult colouring book with fairies inside, Two of my favourite things! colouring and fairies!! She was coloured with my beloved Copic markers and all that glitter on the wings?  Well ... it is hiding a big mistake, LOL (Sorry, it was planned like that)

Our beloved leader Julia is going through some health issues at the moment, so please pop around and leave her some good wishes and positive vibes. It is one of the great gifts in my life to be part of this group and to be teaching at a Catholic School. The prayers of children carry very special healing powers and I have added Julia to our daily prayers and believe that all will be well.