Sunday, June 12, 2016

Digistamps4Joy - Its new release Sunday!

Good morning all. It is freezing cold here. I am sitting here typing away and shivering like a leaf. Even the parrot was just saying "Brrrr, dis koud!" (Brrrr,, its cold!) I had to smile, because if even the parrot feels the cold, it has to be very cold. The dogs are all snuggling in their kennels. When I went out, they just opened one eye and wagged their tails, no running up to me to greet this morning.
To warm our hearts, there is a fantastic new release over at Digistamps4Joy. Some very beautiful new digis from Jen and Margie. Some great Fathers day images too. Hop on over and have a look. 
The one I have used this time is called Cindi and friend. I just love that little mouse.
I coloured her with my beloved Copics as usual. The Dp is from a local company, some small left over pieces I have been hoarding for years. See, those hoarded pieces do get used eventually! The ribbon is from my stash and that gorgeous lace is from Penny Picks.
If you would like to be blown away by some very talented ladies' take on the new release, why don't you go to the blog and see just how amazing these new digi's are?
Stay warm. I am off to make myself some hot chocolate. See you all soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WOYWW - Some random thoughts.

Good afternoon everybody from WOYWW and everybody else that comes to visit. I have been MIA again for a few weeks. School seems to be taking over and swallowing up my whole life lately.
I decided to join in the fun this week because I really need a little distraction and inspiration. And WOYWW is my go to place when I want to be inspired

As you can see, my desk is sporting very little other than the mid afternoon sun.
 I did manage some colouring. I made some good luck bookmarks for the girls in my mentor group. Exams started yesterday and they will be writing my subject tomorrow, so after tomorrow I will be buried under exam papers.
I also tried my hand at some crocheting. Not bad for a first attempt I think. I might even wear it this winter.

Personal ramblings to follow, no need to carry on reading if you just came for a snoop at the desk.

These last few weeks have truly been some of the hardest in my entire teaching career of 35+ years. My integrity has been questioned, my entire career has been hanging by a thread because of some really nasty and unfounded accusations. This led me to start questioning myself, started me doubting that what I have done over the years had any value what so ever.
I have thought about it long and hard, I have prayed about it even longer and harder and I have now come to the conclusion that I am a teacher to the core of my being, I LOVE my job and I love my girls. I have NEVER intentionally hurt any child that has been in my class. I WILL NOT BE BULLIED!!!!
I will no longer question my own integrity. Whoever this person or group of people are, I will not be bullied into doing anything for the wrong reason. I will continue to love my girls - ALL of my girls, even if it means that I am loving my worst enemy. Because I believe that love is never wasted and I believe that the sad reality of our country is that adults are teaching our children that they have the right to destroy anything and anybody that does no bow down to their needs and their wants. I will continue to tell them that their rights come with responsibility and that it is in their power to turn our weeping, beloved country around and make it the wonderful country that it could and should be.

OK Rant over.
On the way to school this morning, I suddenly thought of our wonderful leader, Julia who has had major surgery. I am praying for a swift and full recovery and will remain forever grateful that I found her and this wonderful group.

Lat but not least. This afternoon I received a phone call from my 5 year old grandson, Liam, asking me if I would be his Angel in Heaven when I die. LOL Of course I said that it would be my pleasure! After my conversation with him, his mom explained that he insisted in calling me and when he put the phone down, he wanted to know from her how long she thought he would have to wait for me to be his Angel? When she said she thought and hoped that it would still be a long time, he wanted to know if it would at least be before his birthday!? (At the end of November!) He really would like to have an Angel in Heaven before then. You just have to love the innocence of children! Hopefully I get to be his Angel an earth for many many more birthdays!

Have a great day everybody.