Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Abandoned but not forgotten.

My desk, fellow deskers, are as abandoned as it looks. life has been hectic and crafting has taken a back seat for the moment. School is busy, life is crazy - in short, I am spinning. A quick recap of the last month, sees my DD returning from Holland and moving back home, she got a job teaching at my school (her alma mater), she made the SA Water polo team that are leaving for Aberdeen next week, her American friend came and is living with us for the moment, the two of them got Hi-jacked in our driveway last week and I am trying to keep it all together, just hanging in by my fingertips.

The desk, as you can see is all but bare, not much happening except the box card and box of tags made for my dear friend, the school's swimming coach's 60th birthday. Had fun playing with my Silhouette with this one.
Thought I would show you what my actual 'work desk' looks like at the moment. I was watching a video by an Afrikaans singer, Joe Niemandt, about fear and got the idea to let the girls write their biggest fears (rational and irrational) down on Post-it notes. I then mark them and we then had a big ritual where we symbolically burn all our fears. They loved the whole exercise and I even got a few thank yous and a few tears were shed. Special privilege to teach at a girls school where we are able to share our fears with each other. This is the notice board before we burn the fears. Makes me happy, just looking at it. The heading was added by the girls, gotta love that they love making the class look good too. 

I am off to the National Water polo tournament in Durban on Friday, can't wait to just sit and enjoy watching my child play. Have a great week everybody.