Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two of us in hospital in two days.

I can hardly believe it! Yesterday I landed in hospital with acute food poisoning. They had to put me on a drip to stop it. I am feeling a lot better today, still a bit wobbly, but OK.
Tonight when I phone Ankie to find out if she likes the clothes I sent with her brother, she tells me she had another fall at Netball and is on her way to the hospital. She was laughing, so I thought she was fibbing, as she likes to do sometimes. She handed the phone to the paramedic and I thought it was one of her friends that was in on the joke. It was only when the ambulance driver put the siren on for me to hear, that I realised she was being very serious. We are still waiting to hear what is going on. Hopefully it is nothing serious and she will be OK. She doesn't want us to drive to the hospital to be with her, so I will have to wait untill she phones to let me know what is happening. It is the hardest part of being a parent of grown children - to let them make decisions for themselves and to trust their instincts! My first instinct is to jump in my car and get to my child as quickly as possible, but I have to respect her for not wanting to worry us too much (Like that is ever going to happen!) She says that she is playing her first Netball match on Tuesday - crazy child! I hope and pray it will be possible for her to play.
Please say a prayer that she is not injured badly.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going to miss this boy!

Now that my camera has been stolen, I am resorting to uploading LO's from last year. This is one of my all time favourites. It is the left hand side of a double page LO about my son that has become a man and tells how very proud I am of him. The comments about him are random comments that his sisters made when asked to give me one word to describe their brother. They vary from moody to perfectionist, from kind to hardworking and everything in between.
He is moving out next weekend into a place of his own. And although I know that it is time for him to be a man, I still want him to be my little boy for just a little while longer. It is a purely selfish wish to try to keep him home, but I will miss him. I will miss having him around to diffuse his dad's mood when it gets really bad. I will miss seeing him potter around in his vegetable garden. I will miss him making really lame jokes. I will miss hearing him say he is going to visit one of his sisters almost every day for coffee.
But.... I know it is time. Time for him to be a man and have his own space, where dad does not dictate what he does, when he does it and how he does it.
So, my dear boy, go, with my blessing! Go and be happy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He won't leave, so now I am just ignoring him.

Yes, you guessed it, things are still going wrong in my house, but I am just ignoring them and moving on. Went to watch my godson take part in the prestigious top ten athletics meeting at UJ last Friday. He did very well and came 5th in the javelin. I didn't do that well though.
Those who know me, will know that the last time I went to UJ was last year, to pick up the Eiffel Tower we used for the matric farewell. That day, I slipped and fell on my behind and bounced all the way down a flight of stairs. The result was a bruise bigger than my hand and blacker than any I had ever seen. Anke, who had just had her knee op three days before, was hanging on her crutches, laughing so hard, she cried.
There is a point to this, I promise! Well, on Friday, while we were walking at the UJ stadium, I said to Anke and Jattie (my godson) that I should be careful, I don't want to fall down again and this time in front of a stadium full of people. My words were hardly cold when I did just that. I slipped, threw my coke in the air and would have fallen flat on my face if Jattie didn't catch me! Anke, true to form, was a helpless mess, laughing herself into a stupor. I have a bruise on my knee that would make you cringe, but I assure you, the bruise to my ego is much bigger!
On Saturday we went to watch Luke play baseball again. Love watching the under eights! Love that there are no winners or losers, just lots of children having fun! The team they played against was amazing. I was nearly moved to tears watching them play.They came to the game in a taxi, had one bat and one helmet between them, no uniform, in fact, some of them played barefoot, they had no shoes! BUT.... they played like absolute stars! Their coach is a delightful young man, no older than 20, that encourages all the time. People like him give you hope for the future of our country. On further investigation, we found out that the team was from one of our local informal settlements and the coach coaches them out of the goodness of his heart, to keep them off the streets.
This really spoke to my heart and I told my girls about this little team. They immediately said that they would help me collect maney to buy kit for these kids. Today, 24 hours later, I have already collected R453.50 and have promises of a lot more. So you see, there are still a lot more good than bad in this life.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The last straw, but the camel's back is not quite broken...

I can NOT believe what is happening in my life at the moment. Those of you that are believers, please pray for a release of this negativity in my life and that I will remain strong in my resolve not to let negativity take over my life. MY CAMERA WAS STOLEN!!!!!! This happened during the night on Saturday. When we woke up on Sunday morning, the garage door was open slightly and both car's doors were left ajar. Everything in the glove compartment was lying all over my car. The small change in the ashtray was still there. The only thing missing? My beloved camera with photo's I had taken on Saturday morning of my 7 yearold grandson playing his first baseball match ever! The camera was in the boot of my car.
Why this has affected me so badly, I don't know, but I wept and could not stop crying for hours, in fact, as I am typing this, I can feel the uncontrollable tears starting to well up again. I am not a materialistic girl in the least, so I don't understand this reaction. Maybe it is because the devil himself has been loose in my life this year, and so much has gone wrong that this is juat the proverbial last straw - I don't know, but it makes me feel rather silly crying over a 'thing'.
While I was telling my girls at school what happened, one of them said that her granny, who lives in the same area as me had the same thing happen to her and the only thing they took, were her husband's tools. So it seems like a gang that is only after small valuable things that they can carry. When I got home from school this afternoon, my helper told me that our local SPAR was bombed during the night.
On the positive side my daughter Anke is an amazing sportswoman and has just recovered from knee surgery that took her out of competitive netball for over a year. She started training with the UJ (University of Johannesburg) Netball group on Monday last week. In fact they were supposed to have trials for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. She played one game only when it started raining. All the girls were called into the hall for a talk and then the first team coach dismissed them ,saying only the first team girls from last year must stay behind. As Anke got up to leave, the coach told her to please stay and that she wants her to start training with the first team. How cool is that! My child is so excited, because she was really nervous, thinking that her chances of even making the second team was slim because she has not trained for more than a year.
So sorry everybody, with my camera gone I won't be able to post any creative projects for a while, maybe I can twist DS's arm to let me use his camera, will try my best.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mr. devil just won't take his fork and leave, but...

Yes, the idiot just won't listen and take his fork and go somewhere else! My car broke down, AGAIN!!!! When Hannah and I got to the car after school the poor thing was as dead as a doornail. Hannah looked at me and said: "Ouma, your car has got trouble again, I think you must take it to the car doctor!" Couldn't help but smile at the car doctor part. Phoned Jakes and he came to take the car to the doctor. By then the school's grounds staff had push started the car for me and we waited for him at home.
Turned out that it needed a new battery. and when the mechanic came to fit the battery, curious little Hannah wanted to know from him whether he was the car doctor and would he please fix ouma's car, because its got lots of trouble. How that man kept a straight face I don't know, but he told DH later thet it was the first time anybody called him a doctor.

Now for the 'but' part... Even though mr. devil won't leave I have found the most wonderful cure for the blues! I joined a group called 29gift.com and I am having so much fun that I am actually forgetting to be miserable! The idea is that you commit to giving 29 gifts in 29 days. They don't have to be things, they can be as simple as a smile or an encouraging word or a hug. I find that I am gaining far more from concentrating on giving than what the recipients of my gifts could ever gain. I am feeling happier and I am having fun trying to think who the next unsuspecting 'victim' of my kindness is going to be!
Won't you join us? Just click on the link on the right hand side of my blog and watch the video on the home page - I promise you won't regret it!

The good with the bad

Being a mother is sometimes very trying. I hate seeing my children in pain and there is nothing that I can do or say to make them feel better, Daniela is hurting so much now and I don't know what to do. She is battling to come to terms with losing the baby, because she feels that she is somehow responsible for baby not surviving. Nothing I say seems to work. She is under enormous strain at work (her partner is not pulling her weight and even wanted to know from Daniela why she needed to take a few days off after the miscarriage!) Her DH is working away from home and only comes home on weekends and you know the devil - he is telling her that she is going to lose him to another, not exactly assuring when you are vulnerable as it is.

On the flipside, being a mother can also be so rewarding. Last night Juan, my son, was working away at his computer as usual. He does a lot of work on a freelance basis to earn some extra cash. I suddenly realised that he was typing a long passage and not drawing as usual. When I asked him what he was doing, he actually blushed before he answered. He was filling out an application form to be a 'Big Brother'. I didn't even know that they operated in South Africa, but I know this for sure - they will never find another man that geniunely loves children more than Juan and no boy could ever wish for a better role model! Please hold thumbs that he gets accepted. I am so proud of him I could just cry!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is going on?

I think that I am being tested somehow and I am trying desperately not to fail this test. Isn't it amazing that when I decide that this is the year that I am not going to give in to negativity, everything seems to go wrong. Financialy we are in a worse position this month than we have been in 20 years - what with kids registering at university, books, accommodation, Tertia-Lee that got sick on the 31st of Dec and having to pay a R3000 deposit before the hospital would treat her, etc. Then of course my car broke down, the gate motor isn't working, the iron packed up, a pipe burst on the pavement. Then just to rub salt in the wounds, my daughter has a miscarriage! So, yes, I am very tempted to feel desperately sorry for myself - BUT I am not going to!!! The devil can take his fork and go and play somewhere else, because this lady still has far more to be grateful for than to mope about. I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful and healthy children, 3 amazing grandchildren, a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and enough stash to keep me occupied till the next millenium - so you see mr. devil, there is no place for you in this home - go amuse yourself somewhere else!