Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two of us in hospital in two days.

I can hardly believe it! Yesterday I landed in hospital with acute food poisoning. They had to put me on a drip to stop it. I am feeling a lot better today, still a bit wobbly, but OK.
Tonight when I phone Ankie to find out if she likes the clothes I sent with her brother, she tells me she had another fall at Netball and is on her way to the hospital. She was laughing, so I thought she was fibbing, as she likes to do sometimes. She handed the phone to the paramedic and I thought it was one of her friends that was in on the joke. It was only when the ambulance driver put the siren on for me to hear, that I realised she was being very serious. We are still waiting to hear what is going on. Hopefully it is nothing serious and she will be OK. She doesn't want us to drive to the hospital to be with her, so I will have to wait untill she phones to let me know what is happening. It is the hardest part of being a parent of grown children - to let them make decisions for themselves and to trust their instincts! My first instinct is to jump in my car and get to my child as quickly as possible, but I have to respect her for not wanting to worry us too much (Like that is ever going to happen!) She says that she is playing her first Netball match on Tuesday - crazy child! I hope and pray it will be possible for her to play.
Please say a prayer that she is not injured badly.

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