Sunday, January 24, 2010

Same stamp, different colours.

I have been having so much fun this week end colouring the last of the Magnolia images I recieved in the post from my dear blogging friends. I have ordered some Magnolias, but they are taking a very long time to get here. I hope the postman's wife is not a stamper!
I am entering this card for the "Pretty in Pink" chalenge over at the Magnolia-licious blog.
This is the first time I am entering one of their chalenges although I have been admiring their work for some time. I just love this image and wish I could lay my hands on the stamp.
The image was coloured with Copics. The Cardstock is Bazzil, the DP is a little bit I had left in my scrapbox and all the flowers, beads, pins and ribbon is from my stash.
The next card uses the same stamp, just a different colour. I don't often use yellow, but I had this piece of Close to my heart DP left and thought it was about time that I used it. I am entering this one for the Just Magnolia challenge. You have to follow a sketch. The bling is Bazzil. so is the Cardstock. Ribbon and flowers are from my stash again.
The inside of this card has a whole lot of tags again because it is a birthday card for one of the members of the birthday club at work and everybody has to sign the card.

I have been colouring like a crazy person and I finished 7 cards. I will show them to you next week. Have a great week everybody, see you soon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another gifted image.

Another one of the wonderful images I recieved in the mail. My son has asked me to make a card for someone in his office that is getting married in February. He wanted a card with tags so that everybody in the office could sign. I think this image is just perfect.
The image is one from Whiff of Joy that one of my dear blogging friends sent me a while ago.The DP is from a local South African company, Uppikit. Thier papers are absolutely gorgeous! All cardstock is Bazzil. The image was coloured with my trusty Copics. Ribbon and flowers are from my stash. I used some Flowersoft for the back of the carriage and love how it turned out.
The inside of the card, showing all the tags. The tags were cut with my Cricut. Posted by Picasa
It was really fun to sit and colour for a change. I have been so busy at school that I haven't had time for any crafting the whole week. I see that Whiff of Joy is having a guest designer call on their blog. Do you think I will be making a fool of myself if I entered. I won't be offended if you said yes, I promise! Its just that I absolutely adore their images and they are almost impossible to get in South Africa and with postage the way it is, its hard to order them online.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First day of pre=school - little one doing well, mom's a mess!

Today was my youngest granddaughter's first day at pre-school. We were bracing ourselves for hysteria, because she has never been away from mommy. Mom owns a nursery school and she has always been with her. It started off with her refusing to put on the school uniform, because it wasn't pink! Eventually Ankie convinced her that it was very pretty and that blue was actually a very nice colour. When it came to the shoes, however, she point blankly refused to put them on. They are very ugly according to her... well, actually, they ARE VERY UGLY!!! Can't say I blame the poor child. As you can see, I couldn't bring myself to photograph those shoes, just in case they end up in a scrapbook and come back to haunt the poor thing one day. Apparantly she promptly announced during breakfast that she was a big girl and that she was ready to go to school immediately.

How cute is she? I was waiting at school to take photo's and she even gave me a brave little smile.
Mom, on the other hand, was a blubbering mess. Seeing her one and only one in school uniform just about finished her off. I wonder what she is going to do when Tersie leaves home one day. LOL.
I told mom and dad to leave, before she started crying and said that I would stay with her. As soon as they were around the corner, I told Tersie that I had to go and teach the big girls now. There were a little bit of tears, but it stopped before I even got to the door.
After the school day, she couldn't stop talking about how nice it was and declared that she would definately be going back tomorrow. I think mom is a little bit dissapointed that she wasn't missed a little more, but isn't that how we all feel when our children start growing up?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am drowning!

Remember I thought I had two more weeks to finish everything I wanted to do before school started and then I discovered it was actually ONE WEEK!!! ? Well, I tried, but I don't think everything will be done by Monday.
- Make posters for grade 8 orientation day on Monday - done!
- Help Daniela make all her posters for the first term - done!
- Do all my prep for term 1 - done!
- Finish the 14 birthday cards for the pre-school - NOT EVEN STARTED!!!!
I did manage to fit in some other fun things though. I made this diaper cake for Wilma's baby shower next Sunday. Its the first time I have tried anything like this and I quite like how it turned out.
I have seen them on so many blogs and always wanted to try making one.

DH and his friend is busy building kitchen cabinets for a friend's sister and went to demolish the old cabinets today so that they could fit the new ones. To their horror the found that the whole floor is infested with termites! Poor woman, now she has so much more expenses than she thought. Don't you just hate when that happens?

Had the following conversation with my granddaughter, Hannah(5) this morning.

"Ouma, do you see this book that Tersie has?"

'Yes Hannie, its a lovely book"

'I have this movie at home and do you know what its called?"

No, Hannie, I don't, what is it called my angel?"

Its called: The princess and the paw-paw, Ouma."

It took every ounce of self control I had not to burst out laughing. She has no idea what a pauper is, but a paw-paw, that she knows all about!

When she left the room, we all burst out laughing. Daniela laughed so hard she cried.
Have a lovely weekend, well whats left of it and spare a thought for me and everything I still have to do before school starts.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Supidity is not a disability!

I should actually be working, but just got an e-mail from my son with some photo's of their New Years trip and couldn't resist sharing this one with you. You can tell he is the son of a scrappr LOL. He takes the weirdest photo's - he sent some close-ups of the food they ate and an amazing one of his orange peel too!
We have a friend that is in a wheelchair and he can often not find parking in the disabled places because some idiot that is too lazy to walk, decided to park there. My DF suffered from Emphyzemia(sp?) and towards the end of his life it took almost inhuman strength just to get to the bank. Since then we, as a family, have been acutely aware of just how many people abuse the parking bays set aside fore disabled people.

This photo was taken somewhere in the Drakensberg. I started laughing when I saw it, but it is no laughing matter. Maybe all parking bays should have signs like this one!
OK, now I have to go and finish those posters that I have been putting off for a month and that are due for Monday! Don't you just hate it when you can't blame anybody but yourself?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am still here...

We were invited to a friends farm for New Years and decided on the spur of the moment to make a short holiday of the visit. We really needed to get away after the year we have had, so without thinking, we packed up and left home to explore the Eastern Free State. We stayed in a guest house in the little town of Rosendal. What a fantastic experience! From the moment we stoppped at the gate untill we left we were treated like family. Dora, the lady who runs the guest house is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She works at the police station accross the road from the guest house, runs the guest house, is the organist at the church, is the treasurer at church and is a farmers wife too! Where she fits all of that in only she will know.

We spent a few days exploring the surrounding towns. We went to Clarens, a big tourist attraction. There were so many people, but I must admit, even though I loved walking through the little town and exploring all the art galleries and craft shops, I was a little dissappointed about all the developments in and around the town. It has lost a lot of its 'dorpie' appeal.

Look at these amazing mountains! I must have taken a hundred photo's, the one more beautiful than the other. These are the mountains at Golden Gate. I remember going there as a child, but somehow the majesty of it all went right over my head then.

On the way back from there we passed a little town called Fouriesburg. We decided to drive in and look around. We had drinks at a local pub and met the most interesting people. Some bikers from Johannesburg that were on an adventure - they are driving through the country, but they only use dirt roads! As we were leaving, one of them shouted at us: " hey! remember to live your dreams, you only have one life!" We spent the rest of the way back to Rosendal talking about his comment and how true it was.

Back in Rosendal we went to a New Years dance at the tennis club with our friends. The weirdest thing was everybody was there, having a great time, but at 23h30, everybody just left what they were doing and walked accross the road to attend the midnight service! What a beautiful little church. Went back the next day to take a photo to show you.

Now here starts the freaky part! The minister's sermon was about... wait for it.... "To dream is to live and to live, is to dream!" As he said it, I almost fell off my chair. My DH looked at me with surprise. Here we have such a direct order from God - Twice in one day! Live your dream! so there and then, in that church, I decided, my word for this year is DREAM.

I will start stamping and playing soon, untill then I hope you all have a fantastic 2010 and remember: LIVE YOUR DREAMS!