Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am drowning!

Remember I thought I had two more weeks to finish everything I wanted to do before school started and then I discovered it was actually ONE WEEK!!! ? Well, I tried, but I don't think everything will be done by Monday.
- Make posters for grade 8 orientation day on Monday - done!
- Help Daniela make all her posters for the first term - done!
- Do all my prep for term 1 - done!
- Finish the 14 birthday cards for the pre-school - NOT EVEN STARTED!!!!
I did manage to fit in some other fun things though. I made this diaper cake for Wilma's baby shower next Sunday. Its the first time I have tried anything like this and I quite like how it turned out.
I have seen them on so many blogs and always wanted to try making one.

DH and his friend is busy building kitchen cabinets for a friend's sister and went to demolish the old cabinets today so that they could fit the new ones. To their horror the found that the whole floor is infested with termites! Poor woman, now she has so much more expenses than she thought. Don't you just hate when that happens?

Had the following conversation with my granddaughter, Hannah(5) this morning.

"Ouma, do you see this book that Tersie has?"

'Yes Hannie, its a lovely book"

'I have this movie at home and do you know what its called?"

No, Hannie, I don't, what is it called my angel?"

Its called: The princess and the paw-paw, Ouma."

It took every ounce of self control I had not to burst out laughing. She has no idea what a pauper is, but a paw-paw, that she knows all about!

When she left the room, we all burst out laughing. Daniela laughed so hard she cried.
Have a lovely weekend, well whats left of it and spare a thought for me and everything I still have to do before school starts.


  1. The thing is to capture these little funny things they say.

    I hope you are getting there with all your preparations.

  2. 如果你批評他人。你就沒有時間付出愛.........................