Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WOYWW -I am still here!

Good morning everybody, from a very cold South Africa. I am still here, life is just a little more demanding than usual, that's why you haven't seen or heard from me in a while. Its been exams at school, so I was marking like a crazy person and then its also time to choose the new leaders at school, so I am running around with all the organisation for that and then I also went to Polokwane last week to attend the annual Drum Majorette Nationals. So proud to say that our girls wiped the floor this year. They won everything that there was to win. Just reward for months of hard work and dedication.
As you can see, my desk looks like a dumping ground. Nothing much has happened over there, no time and no energy.

As most of you know, the postal service in South Africa has never been renowned for their hasty deliveries, and to top that we have had a Postal strike on and off for the last six months! I was overjoyed when I got back from Drummie Nationals to find that the first WOYWW ATC had arrived when I was gone. This one is from Annie, thank you so much. She must have posted it before the due date because she even wrote on the back of the envelope - do not open till the 29th LOL (No chance of it having gotten to me before the 29th!) I also received the magazine with the article about Julia and WOYWW - so very cool!!! I felt a bit famous. The mag was immediately snapped up by the school's art teacher, so no pic there I am afraid.

This is the only card (actually the only creative thing) I made in the last month, that is if you don't count the picture on my desk that I am busy working on.

That's it for this week folks, have a fantastic week and I hope to be able to thank more people for ATC's next week.