Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WOYWW -I am still here!

Good morning everybody, from a very cold South Africa. I am still here, life is just a little more demanding than usual, that's why you haven't seen or heard from me in a while. Its been exams at school, so I was marking like a crazy person and then its also time to choose the new leaders at school, so I am running around with all the organisation for that and then I also went to Polokwane last week to attend the annual Drum Majorette Nationals. So proud to say that our girls wiped the floor this year. They won everything that there was to win. Just reward for months of hard work and dedication.
As you can see, my desk looks like a dumping ground. Nothing much has happened over there, no time and no energy.

As most of you know, the postal service in South Africa has never been renowned for their hasty deliveries, and to top that we have had a Postal strike on and off for the last six months! I was overjoyed when I got back from Drummie Nationals to find that the first WOYWW ATC had arrived when I was gone. This one is from Annie, thank you so much. She must have posted it before the due date because she even wrote on the back of the envelope - do not open till the 29th LOL (No chance of it having gotten to me before the 29th!) I also received the magazine with the article about Julia and WOYWW - so very cool!!! I felt a bit famous. The mag was immediately snapped up by the school's art teacher, so no pic there I am afraid.

This is the only card (actually the only creative thing) I made in the last month, that is if you don't count the picture on my desk that I am busy working on.

That's it for this week folks, have a fantastic week and I hope to be able to thank more people for ATC's next week.


  1. Your postal service sounds like MINE. I get so frustrated at time, I want to scream. Other countries can get it right, but not the guys whose motto is "neither rain nor sleet, can keep this DUFUS from his appointed SLOW DOWN." OK, I took a bit of liberty with that saying.

    Love the card. Really like the die cut. Never seen that one before. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  2. Hi glad to see you back! Was concerned that my ATC hadn't reached you so I hope it did? Ali x#49

  3. That is a poor postal service for sure!! Love Annie's ATC, and the card you've made. Hope you get a bit more time to "play" soon. Helen 17

  4. So glad to see you finally got at least one of your ATC's. Mine to you is stuck in your mail there somewhere and hope it finds its way to you soon. Congratulations on the girls win sounds like they did an awesome job.. Your card is lovely and hope you get time to get all crafty soon..
    Sandy :) #43

  5. ahh! exam time - bane of students and teachers alike!
    glad your post finally arrived, and what a cute card!
    happy WOYWW and have a fun week :)
    no. 31

  6. Funny, CT post has not been hit! We are getting our stuff fast and furious! Thank goodness. Hope you get some creative time in soon. #62

  7. You certainly sound busy, lovely card.
    Karen #63

  8. Hi there.
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi as I haven't been around for a while.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Neil #39

  9. You lead such a quiet life don't you? hehehe
    It looks like if I find 'time' I will just have to share him with you so you can find a little for your crafty fun.
    A x #61

  10. Well done on the girls success! Your little ATC is lovely but I know cos I saw it before my clever little sis posted it!! It's a rare occasion for us but we are basking in hot sunshine this week - glorious. Shall I post a bit to you - lol!!

  11. Oh dear... so you still haven't received my ATC I sent? The problem with the post in SA is you are never sure if it is late or has been cleftywollared... LOL
    Sounds like you are in that busy bee mode at the moment, hopefully it will all calm down and you can play again. Annette #7

  12. Congrats to you and the girls!! Lovely ATC, sorry you haven't received the total sum yet. Love the card you did make.
    Krisha #5

  13. Sounds like you are a busy woman. The card you made is beautiful. Love how it is colored and your beautiful design.

  14. Congratulations to the majorettes. The card you made is fabulous. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting #7

  15. Love that background paper on the card there, very pretty! Glad you are fitting in some craft time.

  16. Happy WOYWW Tertia!

    It has been so hot in the UK I can't imagine cold and South Africa together!
    Love the desk, you are a very busy lady and well done on the Majorettes. The card is lovely too.

    Cazzy x #123

  17. How fun to come back and have your magazine and your ATC too!! Awesome card!!

  18. Annie's ATC is beautiful and I'm still sending and waiting for ATC's too, must be going via Mars! Have a great crafty week! Happy WoYwW!?
    ((Lyn)) #11

  19. I just wrote my comment and my Kindle lost it. Must be coming out in sympathy with your postal service. Congratulations to you and your girls, you must be so proud of them. Thank you for your visit and encouragement . You seem to be just as busy. Have a great week. xx Maggie #10

  20. First, let me say thank you for stopping by my desk, err coffee table. Joanne Loftus is a mixed media artist from Indiana USA. Besides being talented,she is absolutely comical. You have to admire someone who can make you laugh. I love your blog.. and your post was great. Congrats to your girls on their wins. Sorry about your slow mail. Ours is pretty efficient, I get my bills fairly regularly. I'm still waiting on the good stuff. I've been reading about a lot of you lovely ladies and your ATC swaps. I think I might like to join in on that fun at some point. I've never actually done anything like that before. Well I hope you are staying warm, I am roasting like the Christmas goose, it's been very hot and humid in the Southern US, thank god for AC. Though if it keeps raining we may need a house boat. It's rained everyday for 18 days. 12.1 inches in the last month and a half. Have an amazing weekend. Fingers crossed you'll get your mail??? (((HUG)))
    WOYWW #6

  21. Very busy looking desk! Glad the mail finally arrived - looks fab! #113

  22. It is so tough trying to squeeze some crafting time in when things are so busy. I love your card, what a fabulous image!

  23. Ai vriendin, ek mis jou. Hoop jou lewe is sommer gou meer kalm. Pragtige kaartjie.

  24. Not sure my comment came through - I said that it was hot here in the UK so I have not been doing much crafting but cannot imagine how tired you must be with all that you have on at the moment.
    Congrats to your girls - what an achievement.
    Hugs, neet xx