Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WOYWW - A teeny bit better.

A very good morning to you all. I literally have 5 minutes to get this post up before I have start my school run. (I pick up 2 of my grandies, drop them of 20km away at their svhool, then pick up grandie nr.3 and take her with me to our school which is 15km back on the same road!) As you can see, the state of my desk has slightly improved. Ever so slightly that is. At least you can actuallt see some patches of tablecloth. No points for those of you that can spot which rugby team I support. LOL Forgot the d... pencil bag right there yesterday, so had a very frustrating day at school.

As usual my desk has spilled over to my couch. DH was starting to complain that he doesn't know what I look like any more. LOL I did some school work too - look carefully and you will see some notes that I typed and printed.

My first card was one I did for a sketch challenge over at Let's Scrao. The image was one of the many that was coloured a LOOONG time ago. Papers are from FabScraps

Another image that I had lying around. Coloured ages ago. Papers are all from my scrapbox.

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Happy crafting everybody.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WOYWW - Hanging my head in shame.

Good morning all the beautiful people out there. It is Wednesday today isn't it? Things go by in such a blur lately, I am never sure what day of the week it is. I have been sick at home with Bronchial Pneomonia (again!, so frustrating!!!), but that meant that I had lots of time to play, so that is my excuse for the absolute embarassing mess you see on my desk this week. Even the floor looks terrible! On the floor you will see the new paper that I bought yesterday - I know, I really need more paper don't I? On the right, under the box of ink pads and on top of my back up cutter, you will see the bag with coloured images that I found when moving my room. I am determined not to stop making cards untill all are gone. Made a good dent too - current card count is 12!
Here is the first one I am showing you today. I recieved this stamped image as part of a RAK about 3 years ago (could be longer), loved it and coloured immediately. It just never made it onto a card. Papers are all from my scrapbox. Cardstock is Bazzil and lace and bling trim are from my stash.

I found these images too and remembered I had a lot of Fabscraps paper left over from a class I taught years ago, so out came the paper and the fun began. I made a total of 9 cards and decided to make a gift box for 6. Dp is Fabscraps, Cardstock is Bazzil, Flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts (LOVE that store!!!) and some from my stash. Sentiment stamp is from WOJ.

The cards all follow the same sketch. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the butterfly border and added some bling to the bodies. Ribbon is from my stash. Images were coloured (ages ago) with my beloved Copics.

I made matching envelopes too. (told you I am on a roll!) Used the same MS punch and some of the butterflies from the cards to decorate them. Quite pleased with myself this week for getting so much done.

Please remember Cindy in your prayers. She has lost all her hair and is now sporting the most wonderful wig. Still being the lady she has always been and fighting the good fight with courage and dignity.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thought I would share this with all of you.

Good evening all. I know I have been very quiet, but I have been in a creative frenzie! LOL Finding all those coloured images when I moved my craftroom has sparkrd mr. Mojo.

This creation is not mine. It was made by my DD2, Karin. She is wonderfully creative and has been making cakes for a while. For her birthday we gave her a cake decorating course from the Wedding School of South Africa. She is now halfway with the course and it seems to have sparked a whole new world for her. She already has a couple of orders for cakes and made a LOT of cupcakes for Valentines Day.
Love this and love the fact that she finally found something she is truly passionate about.
Have a great evening everybody.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WOYWW - A hot mess!

Good afternoon WOYWWers. I can't believe its afternoon already. I uploaded the photo"s at 5h30 this morning, thinking I would post when I had a few free minutes and here it is 16h30 already!!!
So much for bragging about my beautiful space last week, it ended up looking absolutely horrible. LOL I think being without a craftroom for 2 and a half months has made mr. Mojo ready for working his magic. No time to clean, have to create!

As usual the couch in the family room doubles up when I run out of space. I found a pile of coloured images when I moved the crafty stuff from one room to the other and that set mr. Mojo off big time.

Made a box for some notelets from stamped and coloured images I found, I know it is completely 'squiff', it was finished at 3 in the morning and I take no responsability for finding the middle of anything at that time of the night!

Here are said notelets, I only discovered this morning that one of the card fronts never actually made it onto a card. LOL

This is wahat the cards look like that I was colouring for the swap last week. Love how they turned out.

And here is another long forgotten Edwin that finally made it onto a card. All the images were coloured with my Copics. Cardstock is Bazzil and the dp for the swap is from a local SA company Upikit, dp for Edwin is some wrapping paper I found ages ago. Ribbon is from my stash and the flowers from Wild Orchid crafts and my stash.

Please remember to keep Cindy in your prayers. She went for her second chemo today and is feeling really miserable. She has also lost all her hairalready. Please keep sending cards for her.

Have a great day everybody.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WOYWW - I found my glasses!

Can we hear a collective 'YAY!!' from everybody? Not only did I find my glasses, but I actually have somewhere to play!!! Yes, we moved the house around and it all worked out pretty well. DD is happy living in the much bigger room, I am happy that my house does not look like some long forgotten storage unit and extatic that I now have somewhere to play, even though it is MUCH smaller than what I am used to, its my little place and I don't need to climb ovet washing machines and microwaves to find anything! I can even sit at a table and work, I don't have to use an upturned couch as my workspace. So, dear friends, behold ... the long awaited and much appreciated craft room!
I had to squeeze myself into the doorway to get a pic, but I am so happy. Everything is within reach (that is apart from my die cutting station, which has found a home in DD's room)

This is the view when I squeeze myself into the opposite corner. Awesome, don't you think?

I did spill over into the lounge and onto the couch, but only because I wanted to watch a movie. The images you see are for a card swop, all coloured and glitterified with Stckles and waiting to be cut out. If you look carefully, you will see my precious glasses right there, I found them somewhere in the mess when we were moving things around.

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Have an awesome week.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WOYWW - No relief yet.

You heard me, still no relief from 'silly season at school, and still working on upturned couches and other stuff that is cluttering my workroom! My DD (I love having her home ) is showing no sign of finding her own place. I heard her tell a friend that it is so nice to come home from work to a clean house, washed and ironed clothes and a cooked meal. Looks like she is going to be here for a long time. So, I decided to negotiate with DH. He gives up his half of the garage as storage space for her junk (furniture, etc. ) and I will settle for her current bedroom as a craftroom and then she can use my (sigh, bigger and better ) craftroom to live in.
It seems to have worked, because come Sunday, we are moving everything around! YAY!!! Maybe next week, you will see a neater and more organised space.

By the way, if you happen to spot my glasses, please let me know where they are, can't find them anywhere!

My friend , Cindy, came through her first chemo like a trooper. Nausea is bad, but otherwise her spirits are high. Thank you to those who have e-mailed me about cards for her. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet with her address, but i am hoping to do so within the next two days. If you would still like to join in and send a card, please mail me at and I will add your name to a little RAK draw that I have put together to say thank you. Please help spread the word amongst our crafty friends.

I did have some time to be crafty and made this lovely yellow and green card. Makes me happy just looking at the colours. Papers are from American Crafts and Bazzil and the image was coloured with my beloved Copics as usual.

Have a great week everybody and please don't forget to pop around to Julia at to see al the other WOYWWers.