Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WOYWW - Finally!!! I have time to play!

I was going to start this weeks post by telling you why I was away for so long. How very busy I have been and how bad my life is. How we have been burgled twice in two weeks and.... and then I took these photo's. I had a good look at them and realised that I am so very blessed. Blessed to have the wonderful DH who allows me to feed my hobby and that enables me to have an incredible craft room. I call this my happy place and sometimes, when life is really hectic, I just sit there and look at all the pretty rainbows and feel instantly better.
A lot has changed since the last time I came over to visit. A local scrapbooking store closed down (yes, very sad) and I was able to pick up another paper rack for a steal. I moved my computer desk into my play room, so that I can do everything in the same place. I also got a new printer. Love it! 
From this view you can see my new paper rack and my improved ribbon storage. When my DH made the first one (the right side), he told me I would never be able to fill it, so, I took that as a challenge and had to! What else is a girl to do? DH and his friend made me another and the middle section to store my punches. The comment this time? I am sure you will be able to fill it, but please try not to. LOL!! 
With this beautiful place to play, where do I work? In the lounge, on my fold down table (that DH made for me!), next to him, so that we can chat and solve all our problems in front of the TV. 
So, you see, I do not have a bad, busy, crazy life. I am incredibly blessed!
Have an amazing week, I am on holiday and without my car, so I will be visiting everybody this week!