Wednesday, November 21, 2012

 Gppd morning all the wonderful people out there from WOYWW and others who still visit, even though I have had NO time for any return visit, I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind comments after last week. It has been and still is, a very difficult time for my family.
On to more pleasant things (not so sure about the 'pleasant'). my desk. I have been bullied by a friend (yip, thats you Audrey!) to take part in our svhool's forst ever Christmas market and I am frantically making things. No time for cleaning in between. So you will see I have been using the tried and tested push to the side method to get some work space.

 The fruits of all the mess can be seen here, some small boxes of wrapped chocolates, some tags and some mini cards. Do you think they will sell?
 Then there is also the tried and tested snowman, gingerbread and reindeer poop.
I just had to share this photo with you all. Our dear friend that committed suicide's son, Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (remember that name folks - you will be hearing it a lot in the near future) Last weekend was one of the biggest cycle races in South Africa. He is a pro rider, and told us that he was dedicating this race to his late father. I can not tell you what was going through my mind when he went over the finish line in first place, pointing straight up and mouthing 'pa' (dad), My DH and I were crying like babies, felt like it was my own son. What an amazing young man he is. So humble in victory.
Have a great week everybody, hopefully I will be finished with all the dreaded exam papers by next week and normal visits will resume.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WOYWW - Happy dance

 Good morning to all the people out there in blogland. I think everybody from WOYWW must think I have left for good. Not so, just had possibly the worst three weeks of my life. More about that later, for now I want to show you what is on my desk. The reason for my happy dance. We had a devastating hail storm last week that caused our local Post Office's roof to collapse and all computers are still out of order. I kept going to ask if all was back working, becaiuse I was waiting for some goodies I ordered. When I walked in yesterday, the lady behind the counter said, no computers yet, but there are 2 parcels for you. This is what was in one of them. My blog candy from Jo all the way from England. Some really great things there. Those rub ons and stamps I have never seen in South Africa, the papers are to die for, those teeny canvasses are so great (what to do?, where to start?)Thanks Jo! You made my bad day very, very good. You will be proud to know that I waited till I got home before I did the happy dance, no public humiliation for me.
Look at these beauries, made by Jo. Isn't it just too fantstic? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! She is such a talented lady/ Apart from this, there is not much going on on my desk.
The last three weeks have been just terrible. It is exam time at school (we started yesterday, so I had to set exams) Two weeks ago we had a function to raise funds for ittle Tiani. I offered (I know, I am crazy) to organise the whole thing. I had just over a week to organise a function that normally takes 6 months to do. Proud to say that with the help of some FANTASTIC people, we pulled it off and raised almost R180000 on 1 night.
Then, a week ago, my DH's best friend (since junior school!) commited suicide. Needles to say, we are still reeling with shock and sadness. It is all so hard to understand. My DH is completely floored. He doesn't say much, but I can tell. He just told me that he is so very angry at A for killing his best friend.
The day of the funeral we were hit by a very bad hail storm. The local shopping centre's roof collapsed. We were lucky and had no structural damage to our house, but my garden is completely destroyed. I was thinking about my friends that had to live through a hurricane, and think I have a better understanding of just how terrifying it can be.
Have a great week everybody. Here's to an uneventful week in my life.