Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW 3 years old!

Still no camera! This is sooooo frustrating! They promised it would take 8 days, that was 14 days ago and I am still waiting! I threw such a temper tantrum over the phone yesterday that they have promiseed to deliver it to me at school today, I am not holding my breath, but I live in hope.
A huge congratulations to our esteemed leader Julia on creating this world wide phenomenon called WOYWW and for it getting bigger and bigger and lasting a whole three years. My ATC is done and ready to be posted, if anybody else would like one, just give a shout as I have a few spare ones( no fun just making one now, is there? )
The photo is not of my desk, well, not actually a desk, but it shows you a little of what I have been doing the last few weeks. This is a photo of the girls in our grade 12 group at school, showing the fence and some of the garden furniture that was donated to them. The photo was taken to thank the very generous sponsors. We had a 'braai' (barbeque, sort of) for the sponsors on Friday.
I am happy to report that Cindy is doing really well, little Tiani is having a second op today to insert the port for her chemo. She has lost her swallowing reflex as a result of the brain op and for a 15 month old that is so traumatic, because she can now not suckle at all to be calmed. Please keep praying for her.
The mom who had a heart attack in our school parking lot is doing well and is back home.
Have a great week everybody, as soon as I have a camera, I will be posting photo's of my desk again, but I was not going to lose out on today!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOYWW - Still no camera, sob!

I am still without my camera! It will be ready for me to pick up on Friday, so they say, but this is Africa, so I am not holding my breath! My desk is bare, not anything creative in sight, because I have had a week from hell. We are building a 'stoep' (SA readers, help me describe this in English please) the closest I could come up with is a verandah or a patio, but neither is actually very descriptive.
Last Saturday they broke windows out in two rooms to be replaced with wooden sliding doors, absolutely gorgeous, but no glass in the doors meant that my house has been freezing.
At school we have been so busy my head is spinning. first there was our annual blanket Mass on Ascension day. Our girls collected bandanas after bandana day in October last year (you know, the beautifully colourful ones they sell in aid of cancer research), and then one of the moms sewed them into these fantastic blankets that you see on the photo. We managed to make over a 100 blankets! How awesome is that?
On Tuesday, one of the moms had a heart attack in the school's parking lot and drove into a tree. I had to calm her daughter down and some of the teachers were doing CPR, thank goodness she seems to be OK. A friend's 15 month old baby had to have a brain tumour removed in an 8 hour operation too. She is doing very well, but will still have to have chemo. My friend Cindy is doing well on her chemo.
Yesterday, I took a tumble in class, my knee is severerly bruised (so is my ego! LOL) and I also hit my head on a desk! Then, also yesterday, on the way home from school, I saw a young boy drive his motorbike straight into a car, right in front of me!
So you see, not musch time for creativity.
Have a great week everybody and remember to visit Julia to join in the WOYWW fun. My candy is still open here, so please join in the fun, I will do the draw on 1 Jun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WOYWW - 300 posts for me!

In honour of my 300th post and the fact that I now have 120 followers, I thought I would put together some candy to share and what better people to share it with than one of you. As soon as my camera is working again. I will post a picture. You don't need to jump through hoops to be in the draw, just leave me a comment and thats that. I would love it if you could spread the word, but truth be told, I do not have the time or energy to check. (I will post anywhere)
 Good afternoon all you wonderful people from WOYWW. I am late again, sorry, but also running off to see a friend's new grandchild which is very exciting. I am in mourning at the moment because my camera decided to die on me. It is going to cost me almost R2000 to fix, so you can understand my frustration, no more buying stash for a while! That should also explain why you have to look at an old pic  of my desk. It really has not changed very much from then, because I have been so very busy at school and I am happy to report the boxes I had to make for Mother's Day was all finished on time and delivered with the yummy cakes inside ( At least I got one of those beauties for Mother's Day too)
 After last weeks response to my DD's fantastic cakes and because I have nothing to show you, I thought I would share some more photo's of her cakes. The first one was for a 16yo girl who loves shopping, cupcakes, green and black. (what a brief!)
This is the very first wedding cake she ever did. Quite amazing I think.
This was a birthday cake for a 10yo. I took the photo's before she was quite finished, so try to imagine a pumkin patch and some flowers too.
My friend Cindy is doing seriously well with the chemo, not any noticable side effects after last weeks session. Please keep praying for her as she still has another 8 weekly sessions to go.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WOYWW = I am late, I am late!

Good afternoon everybody. I know I am VERY late today, but school has started and as usual, we hit the ground running and it does not look like it is going to slow down soon.
Very little is happening on my craft desk. What you see here is my dining room table. It is covered with a pile of what is going to be display boxes for my DD, Karin"s cakes. She has 30 cakes to deliver between Friday and Sunday for Mother's Day and then three more novelty cakes for birthdays. I offered (was I stark, raving mad? to make the boxes for the Mother's Day cakes. They are super sized exploding boxes with a window in front. 

All the cutting is done, now its just a matter of putting them together.. Julia asked to see some of these famous cakes, so here it is - just for you Julia, the Mother's Day cakes. A chocolate sponge cake with butter cream filling (delish!!!) decorated to look like a flowerpot full of flowers. Everything on that cake is handmade by DD and completely edible (that is, except for the ribbon of course.)

 A close up of the flowers. Blogger is insisting to load this photo sideways, so keep your head at an angle and you will see much better.
Thank you all for your kind comments, and for remembering my friend, Cindy. She is now in the second week of 10 weekly chemo sessions. Still the absolutely beautiful person she has always been and carrying this burden with such poise and dignity it brings me to tears every time I just think about her.
Have a great week everybody, I hope to be able to visit a few more people than last week this week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WOYWW 152 - I actually cleaned!

This new Blogger is going to give me a heart attack before I get used to it! Is anybody else out there also battling to get used to it?
Behold! My neat and tidy desk! (well, this is how tidy it is going to get,OK?!) After last weeks mess, I just had to clean up and I even bought a new tablecloth. The sunflowers and bees are making me very happy. On my desk you will see some new stash. I went to a Mega Mayday crop yesterday and these things just jumped into my bag, I have no idea how. On the far left is the remains of the crop that still has to be sorted and packed away and then, did you notice? Did you? My fantastic Birthday present from my DH. A new zoom lens for my camera! I am so happy, I didn't even notice I was lovingly stroking it the other day untill DD3's boyfriend started laughing at me.
Here is one of 4 LO's I finished yesterday. I am so pleased with it so far. Just have to add 1 or 2 smaller pics of Hannah And some journaling and then it will be done.
 Thought I would show you another Mo Manning Fairy. I just love them all. The papers are from Upikit, the Die cut is Spellbinders and the ladybugs and ribbon from my stash

 I also made a card with my new Maggies I bought from Paola. The dp is from a very old paper pack, I have actually lost the front cover of. The ribbon is from my stash, the trim from Wild Orchid Crafts and the 'bubbles' are from my stash
I am also happy to report that I finished two curtains and I an busy knitting a jumper for my youngest grandson.
Enjoy your week everybody. I managed to visit most people on the WOYWW list last week, but school is starting tomorrow, so I can not guarantee anything this week. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my cards.