Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW 3 years old!

Still no camera! This is sooooo frustrating! They promised it would take 8 days, that was 14 days ago and I am still waiting! I threw such a temper tantrum over the phone yesterday that they have promiseed to deliver it to me at school today, I am not holding my breath, but I live in hope.
A huge congratulations to our esteemed leader Julia on creating this world wide phenomenon called WOYWW and for it getting bigger and bigger and lasting a whole three years. My ATC is done and ready to be posted, if anybody else would like one, just give a shout as I have a few spare ones( no fun just making one now, is there? )
The photo is not of my desk, well, not actually a desk, but it shows you a little of what I have been doing the last few weeks. This is a photo of the girls in our grade 12 group at school, showing the fence and some of the garden furniture that was donated to them. The photo was taken to thank the very generous sponsors. We had a 'braai' (barbeque, sort of) for the sponsors on Friday.
I am happy to report that Cindy is doing really well, little Tiani is having a second op today to insert the port for her chemo. She has lost her swallowing reflex as a result of the brain op and for a 15 month old that is so traumatic, because she can now not suckle at all to be calmed. Please keep praying for her.
The mom who had a heart attack in our school parking lot is doing well and is back home.
Have a great week everybody, as soon as I have a camera, I will be posting photo's of my desk again, but I was not going to lose out on today!


  1. Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
    We have made some fab blogging friends through our mad blog hop haven't we!!
    Have a great week. x Jo

  2. Goodness! I cannot imagine being without a camera! Good for you giving them a piece of your mind. LOL! If you want to swap to the States, let me know at ! Happy WOYWW birthday! -Amanda x100!

  3. Hi Tertia I am delighted to be your ATC swapee. If you email me at I'll give you my snail mail. I couldn't live without a camera as well, I hope it arrives very soon. So sad to read your post above, I hope everyone is feeling much better very soon, my thoughts are with them. Take care Michelle x

  4. Happy WOYWW Anniversary Tertia. I think most of us would miss our camera's too. Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita xx 104

  5. Hope you got your camera back... I must have missed your previous post as it sounds quite harrowing. Happy WOYWW. helen, 8

  6. Hi Hope the camera winged its way back to you safely - I take mine everywhere so know how bereft you must feel without it!
    Ali #47

  7. Hope your camera is back soon! Happy WoYwW 3rd Anniversary! and here's to many more :o) April #93 x

  8. How frustrating to be without your camera longer than expected - annoys me when things like that happen.
    Lovely photo of the girls - kind of is your workdesk in a way.
    Hope your knee is better now and that all the illness around you starts to turn into wellness.
    Happy Blogaversary - Hugs, Neet #15 xx (late because she had a shed load of visitors yesterday)

  9. I was without electricity for nearly a day (Wednesday night) and I can only imagine what being without my camera would be like. Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

  10. I hope your camera is back with you again. That would be so frustrating! You did manage to share a great photo with us though. What great work you've been doing!

  11. Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary Tertia! Thanks so much for the visit to my desk. Hope you get your camera back soon...oh the torture! Have a great week.

  12. Loads of children you teach, lucky you...

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  13. How rotten to be without your camera. I hope it gets fixed soon. (they probably meant 8 working days, but only if there's no t in the day!)

    Thank you for visiting me and my table mat.
    rachel #7

  14. Hope your camera has arrived by now - am a bit late to the WOYWW party this week!

    Happy WOYWW anniversary anyway. :)

    Ali #86