Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Baby, WOYWW!

I can NOT believe it has been so long since I posted a WOYWWpost! Life just happened so fast around here, my head is still spinning and then of course mr. Mojo went AWOL (shh..... he's back, don't want him to leave again). so not much happened on the creative front.
This is my desk today. Still messy, even though I spent a long time cleaning up in mr Mojo's absence. My excuse is that my DD borrowed one of my craft tables (the other half of my workspace) for my granddaughters birthday party on Sunday and hasn't returned it yet, so everything was just moved onto one table and left there.
This is what it looks like on my right. All those yummy new flowers and ribbon I bought? It wasn't me, it just jumped in my trolley when I bought curtains for my new grandchild's crib, I promise. I only noticed it when I got home. (Thats what I told DH when he asked - don't think he believed me, wonder why not?)

And here are the baby cards I have been working on tonight. I apologise for the bad photo's, but they have to be delivered tomorrow morning so there is no other time to take a photo. The stamp is a local one, not sure which company. All cardstock is Bazzil and the dp is from my scrapbox. The ribbon was found in my shopping trolley.
This image is an old favourite. Its my go to stamp when I need a baby card. Also by a local company. All papers are the same as before. Images were coloured with my Copics and the charm is from the local bead shop. The images were cut with Nesties.
Have a great day everybody and remember to check out Julie's blog to see what is happening on everybody's desks.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome back Mr. Mojo - I think....

I think Mr. Mojo might have snuck into the house while I was sleeping last night. Not sure that he is working at full pace yet, but it is such a relief to have him back, I am not complaining at all.
This is a birthday card for a friend. The stamp is from Crafty Individuals. I stamped it on very old book pages that was inked with my Colorbox cats eye inks. The butterflies were glitterified with Stickles. I stamped it a second time on acetate and cut the butterflies out for dimention. Made the bodies with gems and added some Stckles to the back of the wings.
The dp is Basic Grey and some left over pieces from my scrapbox. All cardstock is Bazzil. Don't really know if I like this one, what do you think?
The next two cards are exactly the same, just different colours. I have to make a start with my Christmas cards. It is one of Mo's images coloured with Copics. The dp is from Fab Scraps ( a local company) and the cardstock is Bazzil.
The lace I found in the local habby store and fell in love with, you will see a lot of it on future cards I am sure.
Here is a close up of the image. I am hoping you can see the Dimentional Glaze on the Bauble. It looks very good IRL.
Hope mr. Mojo stays now and I will see you soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who likes peacocks?

No, mr. Mojo is still not here. Still have not created anything new. This must be some kind of a record for me. (Insert pouting, sad face here!) Breathing has been so bad that I thought I was going to die on Wednesday night.Got up in the middle of the night to fetch my Asthma pump and then could not breathe at all - I was in the lounge, hubby was asleep in our bedroom and I could not call out for him and didn't have the strength to go to him, so I just sat down flat on the floor and prayed for it to pass. It did and I finally got back to bed at about 5 o' clock.
The only thing that kept me going was the fact that it was the SRC outing the next day and I could not let the girls down a second time (Remember when I was in hospital and they postponed their trip, so that I could go with them? I could not let them down)
We went to Gold Reef City in Johannesburg for the day and even though I really felt terrible and even had to lie down in the little First Aid building for an hour, the girls had their outing. There is nothing quite like teenagers to lift your spirits and by the end of the day I was feeling a whole lot better. We had so much fun watching this male peacock trying to impress his female counterpart.
They are beautiful birds, don't you think so? Never thought I would hear a bunch of girls scream so loudly though - the peacocks wanted to share their lunch and one snuck up behind one of the girls and stole a chip from her. Well - PANDEMONIUM!!! they screamed and performed like you can not believe. I just sat there laughing till the tears rolled down my face.
And here they are .... a very special group of girls, that remind me why I love my job. You did a great job as SRC for our school this year girls and I am proud to know all of you.

I did colour some images today, so maybe mr. Mojo is sneaking back in. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow.
Have a lovely week everyone, hope to see you soon with some creations.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look what I found on my desktop!

Just a very quick check in. Mr. Mojo is still MIA, if you happen to find him, PLEEEASE send him home! While I was lying down on Sunday afternoon(at least that what I think happened) my son and granddaughter were playing around with my camera. She loves her uncle and would do anything to please him and he loves my camera and playing around on the computer. When I started my computer on Monday morning, I found this adorable fairy on my desktop.
She looks just like my beautiful little Hannah who is turning six today. Happy birthday angel child.
I am hoping to be back in creative mode soon, but my breathing is playing up again, (I am fine, I am fine, I am fine - power of positive thinking working here!) I am convinced its just the vast amount of pollen in the air and all will be well as soon as it starts raining.
I am off to see a parent now - wish me luck - its never nice to have to tell a parent their child is out of control.
Have a lovely day everybody, be back soon and lets all hope it starts raining soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Party season has started!

I know, I know, I have been a VERY BAD blogger, but I promise I will try to do better. It seems that with the warmer weather starting, everybody in South Africa has a child that is having a birthday party. I have been very busy making invitations. Trust my friends to wake up the day before the invitations have to go out and then phone me in a panic for help.
It has been so hectic that I literally made the invitations with mom waiting and grabbing them as I finish, so unfortunately there are no photo's of the Dinosaur or Lady Bug invites.
These ones are for a friend's 11 year old daughter. She wanted an Ice Skater and it had to be blue. Problem was I had no stamps with an ice skater. After a long search I found an image on a children's coloring page. She was resized and coloured with my Copics. The snowflakes, her shoes and swirls were glitterified with stickles. All paper is Bazzil. No dp this time. I had to make 10 invitations and here they all are.
I have been very busy as I said. It was Tertia-Lee's 4th birthday last week and we had two parties. One on her actual birthday, just for family and one on the 9th for her little friends.
Here she is, my beautiful girl blowing out her candles. She insisted that since she is 4 now, she needs to cut her own cake. Just look at the concentration and joy on that little face!
Have a great Friday everybody, hope to see you soon!

Monday, October 4, 2010

How much can you fit into 4 days?

As you all know, I spent the last few days of last week in Stellenbosch, supporting the Drum Majorettes from our school at Nationals.I had the most amazing time. The girls were amazing! They ended up coming third - not exactly as we would have liked it - but they did us proud. My proudest moment was when the final results came in and they celebrated with such joy. The team that came second stomped off crying (How pathetic is that?) Our girls came running over to the parents on the stands and showed off their trophies and sang war cries. They even did a special war cry congratulating the team that won. I was so proud walking back to the restaurant where they were having supper and overhearing the crowd comment on how special our girls were.
Here is a picture of a small section of our supporters, all kitted out in their red suppoters gear.
We watched 27 sections - I kid you not! 27!!! Very tiring, never got to bed before 12 any night and stayed up celebrating with the girls till after 2 on the last night - I am too old for this. LOL This is the view we woke up to every morning. Wonder if the people who live there and get to see this every day appreciate it?
We had the mornings free and did some very quick sight seeing. We went to the Butterfly farm in Franschoek. I took some amazing photo's. Then of course, there was the obligatory wine tasting. I don't drink, so I was the official photographer.
I even made time to meet a blogging buddy, Sharon Keanly, face to face! It is incredible how two people who have never met face to face can have such a long conversation without any awkward moments. Well.... I did most of the talking and Sharon did most of the listening. LOL Hope I didn't bore you to tears with my ramblings. (By the way, did you ever find that parking ticket we lost?)
Can you tell I spent the whole day watching the Drummies in the wind? Thats my excuse for looking so bad anyway. Sharon just looks so glam even though she was actually sick.
The rugby game? Those of you here in SA will know the Bulls won!!! We had a great time, but that is a whole other post.
Have a great week everybody.