Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look what I found on my desktop!

Just a very quick check in. Mr. Mojo is still MIA, if you happen to find him, PLEEEASE send him home! While I was lying down on Sunday afternoon(at least that what I think happened) my son and granddaughter were playing around with my camera. She loves her uncle and would do anything to please him and he loves my camera and playing around on the computer. When I started my computer on Monday morning, I found this adorable fairy on my desktop.
She looks just like my beautiful little Hannah who is turning six today. Happy birthday angel child.
I am hoping to be back in creative mode soon, but my breathing is playing up again, (I am fine, I am fine, I am fine - power of positive thinking working here!) I am convinced its just the vast amount of pollen in the air and all will be well as soon as it starts raining.
I am off to see a parent now - wish me luck - its never nice to have to tell a parent their child is out of control.
Have a lovely day everybody, be back soon and lets all hope it starts raining soon.


  1. vow!beautiful angel...convey my wishes to her...your desk top and yourself are blessed!!!
    have a nice day...

  2. What a lovely desktop picture. Best wishes to the birthday girl and to the rest of the family too.