Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who likes peacocks?

No, mr. Mojo is still not here. Still have not created anything new. This must be some kind of a record for me. (Insert pouting, sad face here!) Breathing has been so bad that I thought I was going to die on Wednesday night.Got up in the middle of the night to fetch my Asthma pump and then could not breathe at all - I was in the lounge, hubby was asleep in our bedroom and I could not call out for him and didn't have the strength to go to him, so I just sat down flat on the floor and prayed for it to pass. It did and I finally got back to bed at about 5 o' clock.
The only thing that kept me going was the fact that it was the SRC outing the next day and I could not let the girls down a second time (Remember when I was in hospital and they postponed their trip, so that I could go with them? I could not let them down)
We went to Gold Reef City in Johannesburg for the day and even though I really felt terrible and even had to lie down in the little First Aid building for an hour, the girls had their outing. There is nothing quite like teenagers to lift your spirits and by the end of the day I was feeling a whole lot better. We had so much fun watching this male peacock trying to impress his female counterpart.
They are beautiful birds, don't you think so? Never thought I would hear a bunch of girls scream so loudly though - the peacocks wanted to share their lunch and one snuck up behind one of the girls and stole a chip from her. Well - PANDEMONIUM!!! they screamed and performed like you can not believe. I just sat there laughing till the tears rolled down my face.
And here they are .... a very special group of girls, that remind me why I love my job. You did a great job as SRC for our school this year girls and I am proud to know all of you.

I did colour some images today, so maybe mr. Mojo is sneaking back in. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow.
Have a lovely week everyone, hope to see you soon with some creations.

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