Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WOYWW - My 'real' desk.

Good afternoon all the lovely people from WOYWW. Thought I would share what my real desk looks like - the one that usually keeps me from joining the party. This is my desk in my classroom and as usual, covered in so much stuff, I hardly know where to start. You will see some tests, some text books, my lunch (courtesy of my wonderful granddaughter), some cards that a colleague asked to look at, my clipboard full of notes of things to do and papers to file. In the background, near the door are the dustbin, the paper recycle bin and some seedling trays that need to be planted full of the vegetable seeds on the cupboard and looked after until we can donate them to an underprivileged school,

And here you see some of the faces that makeme smile every day. This photo is my screensaver on my I pad. I left it in their care when I joined them for high tea and needed to go to the toilet. This is what I found when I opened my I Pad, a new and very fun screensaver. You just can not help loving these girls.
And this is what they look like when other people see them, real ladies and the responsible new leaders of our school.
Enjoy your week, I will be in Cape Town next week for the annual Drummie nationals.