Wednesday, October 26, 2011


No, you are not seeing things, and it is not a typing error, it is 'What is NOT on your Workdesk Wednesday' for me. I am not dead or abducted, it is just silly season at school this time of the year, so there really is very little (other than schoolwork which is so utterly boring, it is scary) on my desk
This is not even my desk. I did a birthday party for a 9 year old girl last Friday and they made little maze books and covered journals. I thought I would show you some of their lovely work. I find these kiddies parties delightful, but VERY tiring and I am being asked to do more and more of them. Kids are so ready to try everything you tell them.

Here are some samples of their maze books. I think they did an absolutely amazing job!

These two were made by the birthday girl's older brother and his friend. Very reluctant in the beginning to do the 'girl stuff', but they loved every minute of it! LOL

Thought I would also show you the wonderful cake my daughter Karin made for her little girl, Hannah's seventh birthday. She has had no formal training in cake decorating and I think she has some real talent. I am seriously considering giving her a cake decorating course as a birthday present. What do you think? A good idea or not?

These last few weeks have been very very busy and very crazy, There has been so many last things to do before exams start next month. Last assembly, last MASS, the Valedictory for our grade 12's who started their exam on Monday and all the goodbyes that go with that. A very sad time for us here at St. Doms. Some of our girls have been at the school for 15 years!

Valedictory is so emotional, it takes me a few days to recover. The girls attend a MASS with all their parents and their teachers. It is a beautiful Mass and the school really tries very hard to make it special for the girls. This year, the hall was lined with the footprints of every girl in the school, from grade 000 till grade 11 - symbolising the grade 12's journey at our school and the footprints that they are leaving behind.

While Mass is going on, the rest of the school forms a guard of honour from the door (starting with grade 000's and ending with grade 11's)right up to the fish pond quad where the girls and their parents enjoy cake and refreshments. When the first girl leaves the hall our big school bells start ringing and the are rung untill the last girl reaches the quad! Goosebump stuff! The girls usually weep when they walk down the guard of honour, they hug every girl they know in the school. Fathers and mothers walk down there with tears in their eyes. It is times like these that I remember just how lucky I am to be part of such a special school!

The girl in the photo is the outgoing president of our SRC. I work very closely with the SRC and it has been my priviledge to work with this very special young lady. I have seen her grow this past year, from a very capable, but very scared little girl, in awe of the responsability the school gave her to a very confident young woman who will go out and qonquer the world. I will miss you Dintshi, you will always have a very special place in my heart and those very big shoes you were so scared to fill are even bigger now!

I know that somebody with such joy in her heart will go far in life! Go well my dear and never ever lose the ability to be joyfull in the face of adversity and thank you so much for the wonderful footprints you have left in my heart and at the school that you love so much!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

I really need a life!

i am sitting at a seminar for teachers listening to a lecture about using a blog in teaching. the lady is clueless!!! wish i could throw something at her.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WOYWW 122 - I thought it would be worse.

A very good morning to all. I am feeling so much better, I broke into song this morning when I woke up singing 'oh, what a beautiful morning'. DH thought I was crazy, but it is a really beautiful Spring morning here.
As you can see, my desk is still relatively tidy. It has been 4 weeks now and they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so maybe I am now a neat person. LOL That is so never goimg to happen. I thought my desk and craftroom would look much worse when I walked in this morning. I have been so busy and so tired, I can't even remember cleaning up, how sad is that?
Yesterday was International Teacher appreciation day. We are having an assembly today where the girls are giving each teacher a little gift.
Traditionally these gifts are really very stupid. (One year we got toilet rolls - because our patience is that long?!) Because I am in charge of the leaders, I had to help them and OK what they wanted to do. Surprise, surprise, the decided on bookmarks. I had the stamps and the equipment, so guess who did the colouring? In their defense, the leader of the Public Relations Committee, did the printing. cutting and pasting. She also found the most beautiful prayer for teachers to go on the back of the bookmark. All I had to do was laminate them and add some ribbon.

Here they are... all 44 of them.

Some close ups. A beautiful shoes, for those who are real ladies. (Guess I won't be getting that one LOL)

Some apples, and lastly, some bookworms.

The stamps are all digi's. The shoe and apple are old ones from before I knew to keep the artists name. The bookworm is one from last month's progessive freebie challenge on PCP. I could not show them before today, so I guess I am way too late for the next lot of freebies (bummer)

I have also finally finished those wedding invitations - It only took them 2 months to finally decide on the wording and then, of course, they wanted them within 24 hours!

Have a great day everybody, hopefully I will visit more than 5 of you this week. Thank you to all for your kind comments.

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