Thursday, December 29, 2011

Animal lover or just plain crazy?

I know, I have been a very bad blogger, but I was having such a good time on holiday with all my family that I did not even open my laptop the whole time we were there! Hope everybody's Christmas was as magical as mine. I will be posting a lot of photo's and family stories in the next few days, but while I was editing the holiday photo's I found these and started wondering about this girl.
She is my baby, Anke. The one who starts to cry when she sees roadkill. The one who makes her boyfriend stop on the Highway to save a dog. The one who nursed an almost dead baby bird back to life, taught it to fly and set it free when she was 12 and the vet said that wild birds can not be saved when they had fallen out of the nest.

These photo's were taken the day before we came home from holiday. It was pouring. Hail as big as bird's eggs and lightning (Whats up with that? I thought you do not get lightning in the Cape?!) The people staying accross from us had dogs, lots and lots of dogs! They were running wild, tearing the dustbin bags and being a really big irritation. Their house looked really run down, grass growing up to my knees, fence patched with odd pieces of wood and Ankie discovered behind the wall (she had to look when she heard them cry:) ) a LOT of puppies. She said at least 4 litters of different ages!

When it started raining, we heard the puppies crying and that set Ankie off. Within minutes she was sobbing, worrying about the poor puppies, out in the rain, crying and obviously in distress. Eventually she convinced her boyfriend to run accross the street with her and look to see of they were OK. She looked over the wall and saw some puppies floating in a puddle of water. Then there was no stopping her, she was over that wall in a flash and got the pups out of the rain and to the safety of their kennel. The people inside the house did not even look to see why the dogs were crying like that!

When she finally got back, she (and poor Darryl) were soaked to the bone. She then phoned the SPCA and asked them to please go and rescue the puppies. They did go out the next day, but phoned her and said that the dogs were OK and that they gave the owners a warning about the living conditions of the dogs. This morning her status on Fb is - Hope the puppies are safe!

Now this got me wondering. Is she mad? or just an animal lover in the extreme? I don't know which one it is, I just know I love this girl for caring so much about those that can not fend for themselves.

Have a great week everybody, I might be back a little later with some more holiday stories if you would like to hear them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOYWW - Jeffreys Bay here I come!

Good morning everybody! I am on my way to Jeffreys Bay. Leaving on Friday and will only be back on the 29th. I am taking my laptop, so will try to check in every now and then.
Wish me luck, we are going on holiday with the whole family. 15 People in total! First holiday for DH and myself in 15 years. I can't wait! This is what my work area looks like. Disgusting, I know, but its the only little area I could find to work on. There are photo's I printed from the little ones'birthday , stamps, my cutter, my Cuttlebug and I only just discovered from the pic, my glasses.

To my right on the back of DD's couch, some glitter paper and ods and ends. Even DD's microwave is a flat surface to store things. LOL.

These two beautiful children just turned one over the last while. Little Gemma on the 8th of December and Liam on the 29th of November. I might be very biased, but aren't they just too gorgeous for words?

If I don't manage to visit before Christmas, may you all have a blessed, Christ filled Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WOYWW - I am on holiday!!!!

Good morning all of you out there. When I say GOOD morning, I mean it in every sense of the word! It is 6h15 in my house, DH has left for work, DD is fast asleep and all is quiet. I have nowhere to go today, well, nowhere I don't want to go!! Marking? Done! Marks? Submitted. Reports? Done and dusted! School year is officially over for me. Can you all say: YAY!!!
This is the only space I could find to actually do some crafting last week. But, the good news is, I found a little flat surface not covered in DD's junk and if I climb over and sqeeze behind all her furniture, I can actually get to most of my stuff! I made this card for a dear friend and a fellow teacher who had a Matectomy on Monday. They discovered the cancer when she went for her yearly check up! She is one of the most amazing women I know, so strong and so dignified. I think I would be freaking out. I saw a card like this one a while ago on Becca Freeken's blog and knew I had to make one for Cindy. Hope Becca doesn't mind. ( )

Please say a prayer for Cindy for a full and speedy recovery.

I have been telling you that mr. Mojo has been back, but I had no time to share. So here goes, some of the Christmas cards that I made. First one is an image from Mo Manning called Sugarplum Fairy. I just love her! All papers and embellishments are from my scrapbox and from whatever I could get to. Cardstock is Bazzil and all images were coloured with my beloved Copic markers.

The next one is a Magnolia image that was sent to me as part of a RAK about 2 years ago. I just never got round to colouring her. Isn't this little Tilda adorable? She got a liberal Stickle treatment to her wings, halo and stars.

Lastly the wonderful La La Land stamp by Irena Blount. I fell in love with her Marci and Luca stamps at CHA and had to have most of them. LOL This one is so wonderful, because it is so hard to find summery images for Christmas! My son keeps having a hissy fit when I use snowmen or Reindeer on my cards. I get the whole 'for goodness sake mom, we live in Africa, it is 35 degrees out there!' thing from him every year, so finding the Summery Marci and Luca was such a bonus!

Have a great week everybody! I am going clothes shopping with the grandies today. We are leaving for Jeffrey's Bay on the 15th and the all need new costumes ans of course ouma has to take them (because I will buy what their mothers won't AND we always go for lunch afterwards!LOL)
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