Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WOYWW - Happy Birthday DH

Good morning all. What a wonderful Christmas we had. Most of the kids were here and we spent a fantastic day in the sun with kids and grandkids. Ate too much (what else is new?) Talked for hours, went to church with the two youngest kids. Lots of sad memories this year, missing all our parents and our dear friend Anton, but also lots of fantastic things happening.
 My workdesk was transformed to a bedroom last night. DD 3 and her boyfriend and friends left for Jeffreys Bay at 1 this morning. Of course I had to wake them up at half past 12, which means I am really tired this morning.
 This is my workroom this morning. A very sad picture, but fear not, all has been picked up and put in its proper place already. Thought I would show you the last thing created just before my room was  taken over. I made some calenders for all the grandies to put in their rooms. The image is a La La Land one and the papers came free with a magazine.
 And here you see my newest grandie, Monty. He came for a visit with his dad, the cutest kitten ever. I am on permanent anti allergy meds, because I am very allergis to cats, but he is sooo cute, I don't even mins.
Today is my DH's birthday and traditionally it turns into one mega party, so spare a thought for me. So many parties on top of each other is not good for the diet. LOL
HappyWOYWW to all and may you have a fantastic New Year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW - Some great news

Good morning to all the people all over the world that are still snooping desks, (go here to join us) while the rest of us are in freak out mode because we are so not going to finish everything before Christmas. My desk is looking a little better than last week. Some crafting is happening, but now its just for pleasure and playing with my grandies.

 My granddaughter, Hannah, her brother and sister are spending the days with us while their mom still has to work. Nothing gives her more pleasure than playing in ouma's scrap room. At 8 she is becoming quite good and let me tell you, I never tell her what to do, she learns everything through obervation.

Here she is, proudly displaying her latest work of art. I did help with the embossing, but she did everythinbg else all by herself. Quite a talented cardmaker don't you think?

Just had to share this photo with all of you too. They say you are never richer than when your grandchildren fight over your lap. I think that makes my DH the richest man in the world.
I Told you I had some good news. Well, apart from little Tiani responding very well to treatment, I have some personal good news too. My eldest DD has finally agreed to marry her partner of 7 years and they will be tying the knot on the 3rd of January. His brother is in South Africa and they decidedc yesterday to do it before Gary leaves. Can you hear the panic in my voice? I was told by DD yesterday that I will have to arrange everything because they are only coming back from holiday on the 2nd!!!! Yikes!
My second DD told me yesterday that she is expecting her 4th child next year. Looks like 2013 is going to be a busy b lessed year!
Have a very merry Christmas and may all of you and your families be incredibly blessed too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WOYWW! What a wonderful day!

Good morning everybody! And what a wonderful morning it is. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I am on holiday! I am slowly starting to unwind after a very hectic year. DH is on holiday too, so not much time to craft, but I am stealing a few minutes here and there. We don't often get time to spend together and I am enjoying having him around.
 If you are one of the few people on the planet that still does not know why I post pictures of my very embarrasing workdesk, go here where all will be revealed by the lovely Julia, keeper of all desks. My space this morning is embarrasing in the extreme, but in my defense, I have to steal time to play whenever I can, so I am not wasting that time cleaning. AND... My DD asked to use one of my tables for her little one's birthday party, so I actually have half the space I normally have.
 For those very observant ones around, I did get new tablecloths, the orange ones were getting a bit faded and did not fit the new and improved calm space. So, the orange curtains had to go too and just look at that beautiful floor. The old, grubby 25yo carpets made way for wooden floors. The are old wine crates, with the printing on. LOVE it!
 I recieved some ATC's from a swap and decided to display them on my birdcage, loving the look and some awesome ATC's there.
Had to show you at least one thing I made on that messy desk. Just got these images and coloured them with my beloved Copics. Is he not just too adorable? Papers are from a freebie in a magazine and the ribbon is from my GinaK kit.
Tiani is safely in America and should be starting treatment this week. They picked up a spot on her brain with the MRI, but gratefully it is only scar tissue and not the tumour starting to grow again. The drs seem very positive that she will be well after the treatment. Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers.
Have a great week everybody, I promise to steal some time to visit this week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WOYWW - I survived

Good morning to all of you. I am happy to report that I survived the school year and have three more admin days before I am officially on holiday. I survived the Christmas market and made quite a bit of money too (thanks for bullying me into it Audrey)

 My workdesk is still a disaster zone, not much different from last week, so I thought I would show you my table at the market. I LOVE my lttle twig tree, made by an African tradesman and bought on the side of the road for a ridiculous amount of money.
This is what my dining room looked like the morning of the market, with everything packed and ready to go. How I fitted all of that in the car remains a mystery The flowers on the table was a gift from DH for our 34th wedding anniversary. Aren't they just wonderful?
On a more personal front, I am happy to report that little Tiani has made it to Bloomington safely and recieved her first treatments yesterday. Now we hope and pray that the treatment works and she comes back to South Africa in 2 months time cancer free!
I am still struggling to get my head around our friend's suicide, somehow it is haunting me terribly. I read a page from Jonathan Jansen's book, 'Letters to my children' where he said: 'Never judge somebody who commits suicide, for they might just be the most honest of us all' . If you can get hold of that book, do - it is a collection of 365 tweets that he addressed to his children after reading Maya Angelo's book. He is one of my personal South African heroes, a man with vision and not afraid to speak his mind.
Happy WOYWW, have a great day everybody! I am taking the leaders of the school to a local amusement park for the day, but hope to visit way more of you when I get back.