Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WOYWW - holidays are fun.

Good morning all. I am sitting in the des waiting rooms with DD1, waiting for her to have a follow up mammogram. Praying the lump in her breast has not grown. Last check up was officially 'nothing to worry about' till the dr phoned last week and asked for a new mammogram 'just to be sure'  
Did have time before we left to take a photo of my desk. Disgraceful, I know. How can one person create such a mess in such a short time?  In my defence, it's been holidays and I did have a lot of fun.
The colored stamps you saw last week made it onto some cards. I have decorated two shirts for the grandies with some rhinestones. They loved it so much, they grabbed the shirts before I could getsome photo's.  
I also started on the mountain of water polo photo's. This is the first page of DD3 playing at the World Champs last year in Barcelona. I also painted a box frame for this LO and it is now proudly displayed in the house. Makes it worth all the hard work when you get a ' Oh, thank you, thank you mommy' when they see it for the first time doesn't it?
Have an amazing week, see you all soon.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WOYWW Back in crafty mood!

Good morning fellow WOYWW deskers. It is a lovely morning here in South Africa. I am on holiday and finally back in my craft room. It felt so good to colour for the first time in a long while. My desk is a mess, that's why you only get to see a very small part of it this morning. You will see my scissors (some of them), the photo of DD playing in Common wealth Champs and the papers I am thinking of using for the LO I want to make. You will also spot some of the happy mail that arrived yesterday. A big order of flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts.

I also had some time to colour, no time to put them on cards yet, but here they are, my latest tries. You can tell I haven't been colouring for a while.
Have a great day everybody, I hope to visit all of you this week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW - better late than never

Good evening all of you! It is finally school holidays over here and I have just returned from our annual Leadership Camp for the grade 11 girls. So the photo you see here, really was my work desk this week. How lucky can a girl get? I get to spend a week in the bush with the most amazing girls in the whole world. They never cease to amaze me, the sheer guts and determination they show during this camp makes me cry every year.
 While I was in the bush, my youngest went to Aberdeen in Scotland to play water polo in the Common Wealth Championships. Can you see the pride in that selfie with her bronze medal? First time ever that South Africa won a water polo medal!!
 Here she is, in the pool, playing her favourite sport with all her heart. I am so proud of her and the rest of the team.
Hopefully I will be more creative in the next few weeks and have a little more time to pay al the WOYWWers a visit. Have an awesome week everybody.