Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW - better late than never

Good evening all of you! It is finally school holidays over here and I have just returned from our annual Leadership Camp for the grade 11 girls. So the photo you see here, really was my work desk this week. How lucky can a girl get? I get to spend a week in the bush with the most amazing girls in the whole world. They never cease to amaze me, the sheer guts and determination they show during this camp makes me cry every year.
 While I was in the bush, my youngest went to Aberdeen in Scotland to play water polo in the Common Wealth Championships. Can you see the pride in that selfie with her bronze medal? First time ever that South Africa won a water polo medal!!
 Here she is, in the pool, playing her favourite sport with all her heart. I am so proud of her and the rest of the team.
Hopefully I will be more creative in the next few weeks and have a little more time to pay al the WOYWWers a visit. Have an awesome week everybody.


  1. I'm a little later visiting today cos I've been cleaning, sorting and tidying [again] ready to put our house on with another estate to get this house sold!!
    It sounds like you have had an exciting time. Huge congrats to your daughter.
    Annie x # 40

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! She made history! Everyone in your country will always know she was part of the team that won the first medal!

  3. Gorgeous, clever daughter.Lots of discipline and hard work to ghet that medal.Well done!
    Judy #32

  4. Congrats to your daughter and you must have had a blast with them :) hugs Nikki 12

  5. Oh daughter is adorable! Camp? FUN!! I want to go with you next time. I have two teen boys, boring ;) I want to play with the girls!!

  6. I've discovered why your link at 106 disappeared and then you had to re-link at 80something......check yourself out...on LAST WEEK'S link list....! Easy to do!
    The camp must have been marvellous - I remember my baby gal doing something similar and being moved to write a note of thanks and amazement to one of the teachers who had helped her achieve something that she was so scared to do it drove her to tears. I'm not surprised that you cry..being present and instrumental at a personal breakthrough, especially for a teenager, is a really amazing thing.
    Am so proud for you too and of course your beautiful's a huge thing that she and her team have achieved. Am slightly miffed on their behalf that the Games haven't officially started and so the coverage here was really poor...and hope she recovers from Scotlands average spring temperatures very soon!

  7. well i didnt expect to see the bush or water polo on a desk this weekor any other for that matter.. looks idilic andx well done teamm

  8. Great pictures of your Gran daughter what an achiever she is . Enjoy scrapping them