Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am still here...

We were invited to a friends farm for New Years and decided on the spur of the moment to make a short holiday of the visit. We really needed to get away after the year we have had, so without thinking, we packed up and left home to explore the Eastern Free State. We stayed in a guest house in the little town of Rosendal. What a fantastic experience! From the moment we stoppped at the gate untill we left we were treated like family. Dora, the lady who runs the guest house is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She works at the police station accross the road from the guest house, runs the guest house, is the organist at the church, is the treasurer at church and is a farmers wife too! Where she fits all of that in only she will know.

We spent a few days exploring the surrounding towns. We went to Clarens, a big tourist attraction. There were so many people, but I must admit, even though I loved walking through the little town and exploring all the art galleries and craft shops, I was a little dissappointed about all the developments in and around the town. It has lost a lot of its 'dorpie' appeal.

Look at these amazing mountains! I must have taken a hundred photo's, the one more beautiful than the other. These are the mountains at Golden Gate. I remember going there as a child, but somehow the majesty of it all went right over my head then.

On the way back from there we passed a little town called Fouriesburg. We decided to drive in and look around. We had drinks at a local pub and met the most interesting people. Some bikers from Johannesburg that were on an adventure - they are driving through the country, but they only use dirt roads! As we were leaving, one of them shouted at us: " hey! remember to live your dreams, you only have one life!" We spent the rest of the way back to Rosendal talking about his comment and how true it was.

Back in Rosendal we went to a New Years dance at the tennis club with our friends. The weirdest thing was everybody was there, having a great time, but at 23h30, everybody just left what they were doing and walked accross the road to attend the midnight service! What a beautiful little church. Went back the next day to take a photo to show you.

Now here starts the freaky part! The minister's sermon was about... wait for it.... "To dream is to live and to live, is to dream!" As he said it, I almost fell off my chair. My DH looked at me with surprise. Here we have such a direct order from God - Twice in one day! Live your dream! so there and then, in that church, I decided, my word for this year is DREAM.

I will start stamping and playing soon, untill then I hope you all have a fantastic 2010 and remember: LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


  1. What a wonderful message for New Year...Live your dream!

    Happy New Year your dream my friend!

  2. Yes, what a wonderful message... Love the photos you took of Golden Gate...My favourite place on earth is Clarens , the whole area. It holds a very special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a fantastic new year Tertia !!!

  3. I love live your dream. Best words ever.

    Your photos are amazing. I love those big rocks! The colours of the stone is beautiful.

  4. Happy New Year!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog!.I loves your unique moto. I've never heard of it and thanks for sharing.
    I love your thoughts,perspective and views.
    I also thank you for following:)
    GLADLY i'm following you now!

  5. hi there, just finished reading your blog all the way through from the are a gifted writer! thoroughly enjoyed all your pictures. You have a beautiful family! loved the pictures of the countryside...amazing isnt it how our Savior communicates with your dream!
    so glad to meet you!!