Friday, December 25, 2009

A very merry CHRISTmas to all!

Ever wonderecd what its like to have a summer Christmas? Just look at these pictures and you will know. There is nothing quite like being together as a family, hanging out next to the pool and having cold meats and salads. No hot stove for us - just a whole lot of fun. The first photo is of my two youngest. They are 22 months apart and have been best friends since the day Ankie was born. It warms my heart to know that they can still play together with such abandon. I hope they will still be like this when they are 50!

The next photo is of DD nr2 and her two children.Aren't they just beautiful? Because we got to spend Chrismas day with all of them last year, they are all heading to the in laws for Christmas day this year and we got to spend Christmas Eve with all the kids here (except for DD nr.1, she is on holiday with her little family) Santa came to our house to hand out the presents. He phoned a couple of times to speak to Luke and Hannah and keep them informed of his where abouts.
Lukie is 8 now and for the past three years we were convinced that he was going to recognise Santa as Braam, my husband's best friend, but he is still convinced (a little suspicious, but still pretty sure!) This year he said to his mom that it wasn't Santa, because he could see the elastic on the fake beard. Thank goodness for children with very active imaginations! Without missing a beat, Ankie told him that the elastic he saw, was not for Santa's beard. It was to keep his hat on his head while he was flying through the air. He thought that was a very logical answer and accepted it without question. We'll see if he figures it out next year.
We have just come home from church. What a blessing to fill an entire pew again. The minister said he hoped that we could see the grace of God in this very difficult year. It made me think how lucky, no blessed I have been this year. Amongst all the drama and trouble, the hand of God is so plainly visible. We nearly lost Ankie three times this year - twice in a car accident and once in a fire in her little house - and every time God has spared her life and she walked away unharmed! I don't know why I deserve such grace, but I am so grateful to Him. He must have great plans for that little girl.
A wonderful Christmas to all of you and may you be acutely aware of His presence and His grace in the year 2010!


  1. Happy, sunny Christmas photos...I love it.

  2. Tertia:
    I love your blog! It is very sweet and I love all the stories, pictures and cards :-) You posted on my blog (Karen's Doodles) that you were having a hard time becoming a follower. I posted the question on my blog and received many good answers about how to solve your problem. Please read their suggestions and let me know if you are successful or email me.
    May God Bless you and your Family this coming Year! Hugs, Karen