Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going to miss this boy!

Now that my camera has been stolen, I am resorting to uploading LO's from last year. This is one of my all time favourites. It is the left hand side of a double page LO about my son that has become a man and tells how very proud I am of him. The comments about him are random comments that his sisters made when asked to give me one word to describe their brother. They vary from moody to perfectionist, from kind to hardworking and everything in between.
He is moving out next weekend into a place of his own. And although I know that it is time for him to be a man, I still want him to be my little boy for just a little while longer. It is a purely selfish wish to try to keep him home, but I will miss him. I will miss having him around to diffuse his dad's mood when it gets really bad. I will miss seeing him potter around in his vegetable garden. I will miss him making really lame jokes. I will miss hearing him say he is going to visit one of his sisters almost every day for coffee.
But.... I know it is time. Time for him to be a man and have his own space, where dad does not dictate what he does, when he does it and how he does it.
So, my dear boy, go, with my blessing! Go and be happy.

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