Monday, February 9, 2009

The last straw, but the camel's back is not quite broken...

I can NOT believe what is happening in my life at the moment. Those of you that are believers, please pray for a release of this negativity in my life and that I will remain strong in my resolve not to let negativity take over my life. MY CAMERA WAS STOLEN!!!!!! This happened during the night on Saturday. When we woke up on Sunday morning, the garage door was open slightly and both car's doors were left ajar. Everything in the glove compartment was lying all over my car. The small change in the ashtray was still there. The only thing missing? My beloved camera with photo's I had taken on Saturday morning of my 7 yearold grandson playing his first baseball match ever! The camera was in the boot of my car.
Why this has affected me so badly, I don't know, but I wept and could not stop crying for hours, in fact, as I am typing this, I can feel the uncontrollable tears starting to well up again. I am not a materialistic girl in the least, so I don't understand this reaction. Maybe it is because the devil himself has been loose in my life this year, and so much has gone wrong that this is juat the proverbial last straw - I don't know, but it makes me feel rather silly crying over a 'thing'.
While I was telling my girls at school what happened, one of them said that her granny, who lives in the same area as me had the same thing happen to her and the only thing they took, were her husband's tools. So it seems like a gang that is only after small valuable things that they can carry. When I got home from school this afternoon, my helper told me that our local SPAR was bombed during the night.
On the positive side my daughter Anke is an amazing sportswoman and has just recovered from knee surgery that took her out of competitive netball for over a year. She started training with the UJ (University of Johannesburg) Netball group on Monday last week. In fact they were supposed to have trials for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. She played one game only when it started raining. All the girls were called into the hall for a talk and then the first team coach dismissed them ,saying only the first team girls from last year must stay behind. As Anke got up to leave, the coach told her to please stay and that she wants her to start training with the first team. How cool is that! My child is so excited, because she was really nervous, thinking that her chances of even making the second team was slim because she has not trained for more than a year.
So sorry everybody, with my camera gone I won't be able to post any creative projects for a while, maybe I can twist DS's arm to let me use his camera, will try my best.

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