Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He won't leave, so now I am just ignoring him.

Yes, you guessed it, things are still going wrong in my house, but I am just ignoring them and moving on. Went to watch my godson take part in the prestigious top ten athletics meeting at UJ last Friday. He did very well and came 5th in the javelin. I didn't do that well though.
Those who know me, will know that the last time I went to UJ was last year, to pick up the Eiffel Tower we used for the matric farewell. That day, I slipped and fell on my behind and bounced all the way down a flight of stairs. The result was a bruise bigger than my hand and blacker than any I had ever seen. Anke, who had just had her knee op three days before, was hanging on her crutches, laughing so hard, she cried.
There is a point to this, I promise! Well, on Friday, while we were walking at the UJ stadium, I said to Anke and Jattie (my godson) that I should be careful, I don't want to fall down again and this time in front of a stadium full of people. My words were hardly cold when I did just that. I slipped, threw my coke in the air and would have fallen flat on my face if Jattie didn't catch me! Anke, true to form, was a helpless mess, laughing herself into a stupor. I have a bruise on my knee that would make you cringe, but I assure you, the bruise to my ego is much bigger!
On Saturday we went to watch Luke play baseball again. Love watching the under eights! Love that there are no winners or losers, just lots of children having fun! The team they played against was amazing. I was nearly moved to tears watching them play.They came to the game in a taxi, had one bat and one helmet between them, no uniform, in fact, some of them played barefoot, they had no shoes! BUT.... they played like absolute stars! Their coach is a delightful young man, no older than 20, that encourages all the time. People like him give you hope for the future of our country. On further investigation, we found out that the team was from one of our local informal settlements and the coach coaches them out of the goodness of his heart, to keep them off the streets.
This really spoke to my heart and I told my girls about this little team. They immediately said that they would help me collect maney to buy kit for these kids. Today, 24 hours later, I have already collected R453.50 and have promises of a lot more. So you see, there are still a lot more good than bad in this life.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that the kids are having fun. Kudos to you to get more kids outfitted with gear!!