Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WOYWW - Some random thoughts.

Good afternoon everybody from WOYWW and everybody else that comes to visit. I have been MIA again for a few weeks. School seems to be taking over and swallowing up my whole life lately.
I decided to join in the fun this week because I really need a little distraction and inspiration. And WOYWW is my go to place when I want to be inspired

As you can see, my desk is sporting very little other than the mid afternoon sun.
 I did manage some colouring. I made some good luck bookmarks for the girls in my mentor group. Exams started yesterday and they will be writing my subject tomorrow, so after tomorrow I will be buried under exam papers.
I also tried my hand at some crocheting. Not bad for a first attempt I think. I might even wear it this winter.

Personal ramblings to follow, no need to carry on reading if you just came for a snoop at the desk.

These last few weeks have truly been some of the hardest in my entire teaching career of 35+ years. My integrity has been questioned, my entire career has been hanging by a thread because of some really nasty and unfounded accusations. This led me to start questioning myself, started me doubting that what I have done over the years had any value what so ever.
I have thought about it long and hard, I have prayed about it even longer and harder and I have now come to the conclusion that I am a teacher to the core of my being, I LOVE my job and I love my girls. I have NEVER intentionally hurt any child that has been in my class. I WILL NOT BE BULLIED!!!!
I will no longer question my own integrity. Whoever this person or group of people are, I will not be bullied into doing anything for the wrong reason. I will continue to love my girls - ALL of my girls, even if it means that I am loving my worst enemy. Because I believe that love is never wasted and I believe that the sad reality of our country is that adults are teaching our children that they have the right to destroy anything and anybody that does no bow down to their needs and their wants. I will continue to tell them that their rights come with responsibility and that it is in their power to turn our weeping, beloved country around and make it the wonderful country that it could and should be.

OK Rant over.
On the way to school this morning, I suddenly thought of our wonderful leader, Julia who has had major surgery. I am praying for a swift and full recovery and will remain forever grateful that I found her and this wonderful group.

Lat but not least. This afternoon I received a phone call from my 5 year old grandson, Liam, asking me if I would be his Angel in Heaven when I die. LOL Of course I said that it would be my pleasure! After my conversation with him, his mom explained that he insisted in calling me and when he put the phone down, he wanted to know from her how long she thought he would have to wait for me to be his Angel? When she said she thought and hoped that it would still be a long time, he wanted to know if it would at least be before his birthday!? (At the end of November!) He really would like to have an Angel in Heaven before then. You just have to love the innocence of children! Hopefully I get to be his Angel an earth for many many more birthdays!

Have a great day everybody.


  1. Oh, my goodness! How sweet, and innocent your little grandson is. Yes, be his angel on earth; maybe a great grandma is in heaven and can be his heavenly angel?
    You have a nice space, and I must say your coloring is amazing! Sending prayers for the issues going on at work. God is in control. Thanks for your earlier visit. I am usually in the fifties or sixties, but today got to be #6!

  2. What talent! Beautiful work, today - use that natural light for more great works! Blessings, Donna #11

  3. Hello the wonders of small children always amaze me still to this day and hope his dream comes true that you will be his angel always to look after him but not for a long time yet. I am so sorry to hear that you have been bullied into a sistuation that has spiraled out of control that you question yourself so much and yes I have to agree with you that the some people have forgotten that kindness and love is a great gift to give. I love your craft area so big and so much room to even have friends come play with you. I think the images you have coloured are beautiful and the girl on the books is adorable. Great job on your first crocheted flower it is perfect. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the sweet comment. May your day be filled with brightness and happiness cause I feel that one person can make a difference that leaves an endless ripple effect. Hugs~Anne L#3

  4. Great desk, colouring and crochet!

    Happy WOYWW

    Originally #17 but now #16!

  5. Hi Tertia - so good to see you back on here but so sad to read about the terrible time you have been having. A friend of mine has been going through an enforced redundancy which has proved nasty recently and although the two things are poles apart I feel for the pair of you.
    Tell you what though - your colouring is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Your crochet is good too so take a positive note from that and enjoy your crafting, it might help a little to take your mind off what is surrounding you but stay strong and do not let them grind you down if you can.
    Sending love and will include you in prayer.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  6. I'm really sorry you have had such a rough time (and perhaps are still having). Believe in yourself is all I can say, and hang on to those convictions that made you choose this profession.
    I love your crocheted rose. Well done!
    Happy WOYWW,

  7. Sorry to read the first part of your "rant" and I hope the situation is resolved soon, what a worry and annoyance for you.. The second part did make me smile, how innocent the young are.. I hope you survive a good long while before you become your grandson's angel! Helen #18

  8. (((Tertia))) Sending you hugs and I hope everything get's sorted at work.

    WOW! Your colouring is lovely.

    I adore your crochet flower. You have to wear it, as it will brighten up your day.

    I am sure your grandson already has an angel watching over him, so I'd not worry about popping your clogs just yet:) LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  9. How awful to have gone through all that Tertia but good for you for facing up to the bullies and refusing to be intimidated. Sending hugs to you.
    It's so lovely to see you back - I think that the flower is fantastic, considering it's your first attempt at crochet. Wear it with pride!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  10. Hey Tertia, thanks for the visit. Good for you, do not be bullied. I love your Grandson's take on Niece calls me Uncle Claire, because she got used to seeing my hubby and saying Uncle she just thinks it's all the same. I should disown you for that first attempt at Crochet LOL. My ma spent 3 hrs on skype with me on sat, trying to teach me how to make a luck, they still look like whales.. Cx #19

  11. Hi Tertia, I really feel for you. As a retired teacher myself I have seen this kind of situation before and I hope it gets sorted soon. Just stick to what you know is right. Lovely bright work place and gorgeous flower. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 26

  12. Such sweet words from your grandson! Sorry about the work thing. I hope it all works out okay. Teaching is such a hard job - rewarding but not easy.

    Congrats on the crochet. I keep meaning to give it a try but have flashbacks of when my Nana tried to teach me.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K#4

  13. Tertia, I read your rant and I am sure that what you have done is of great value. Even until now, I am thankful for my teachers from long long ago. I'm glad you realized that and were able to see the truth. keep up the good work! Our reward is not in this world. I just loved your story about your grandson. A story to tell for years to come!
    Your crochet flower is cute and your coloring is gorgeous!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@8

  14. Hi Tertia I hope your situation is soon resolved and that you continue to hold your head up high and be you..My step daughetr is a teacher and I admire thE hard work you all do it's not an easy job and not always rewarding( for the wrong reasons ) it takes a special person to be a teacher. Children are just amazing and sounds like your grandson is quite a character, he picked a good angel though.I can't believe that is your first attempt at crochet I've had my needle wool and book for well over a year might be 18 months and still procastinnating its ace, a very happy if not belated woyww and i hope everything works out for you hugs andrea x #14

  15. Wow,what a post. Teaching is hard isn't it. I have just started at a preschool and only one afternoon a week but all the extra stuff is unbelievable. Glad to hear you have sorted out your thoughts on whatever has happened to you. Not an angel to soon!thanks for the visit BJ#23

  16. Dear Tertia, I had been a teacher and Tutor for 30 years, and I know where you are coming from. There is always someone whom you can't please.It does feel horrible to have a hostile child or adult to work against you.I am glad you are doing some good positive thinking, and are able to hang in there.
    Crafting does give the mind some relief, as does "Mindful Meditation". I saw a great programme on how it can build better pathways and reduce stress in the brain. We desperately need loving teachers.Hag in there.
    Thank you for your fab comments on my blog.
    Judy xx

  17. Hi Tertia
    Thanks for dropping by. Sorry to hear about such difficult work conditions. I hope it can be (or is) resolved and that your stress over it can be minimised.
    Your crochet flower is lovely! I don't know how many times I have tried to learn to crochet. Knitting is my forte :)
    Hugs, RosA # 39

  18. Your little crochet flower is gorgeous and is brilliant for a first attempt. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time, I hope it is resolving itself and life is becoming easier for you - I'm sure your Grandson with his hilarious remarks is helping to take your mind off your problems - children say the funniest things!
    Stay strong
    Diana #24

  19. So sorry to hear about those accusations at work and that your having a rough time. Hoping and praying that you find the strength to get through this. ♥
    Lovely creative space!!
    Michelle ♥

  20. Beautiful creative space, the sunlight shining in is magical. I absolutely love the tall cabinet/hutch in the back, charming! Your gorgeous crochet flower is so lovely! Sweet story about your grandson! And thanks for sharing your story, I am sorry you have went through all of that bullying, but it sounds like you are strong, empowered and courageous through it all, wonderful!!..shine on, wishing you the best and hope all gets better!
    Happy woyww, thanks for visiting me too
    Victoria #44

  21. PS love the crochet too. I wrote my other post whilst at badminton between games and on my phone at that so didn't get the time to mention the crochet. BJ#23

  22. Tertia, AFTER ALL, STAND!!!!! There is power and strength in your response according to the Word! I pray that those accusers will have an encounter with the Lord, whereby He will whisper in your beloved ear, "where are your accusers?" God will honor your thoughts and actions!! Our education systems do not have ENOUGH Tertia's teaching our children! Bless you as continue in His will! On another note....I LOVE your bookmark colorings, they are so precious and I KNOW those young ladies will be blessed by them! And the go lady! I do basic knitting, but have never gotten enough gumption to try crocheting! I think you did quite well! Good luck with exams and MANY blessings to you! Felicia, #50 P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :)

  23. ooh Geeze, I hope you have many more years to be gma before you get to be the angel... ((( HUGS ))) I am so sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope that things will be sorted out sooner rather than later. I love your bloom too and my first thought was I wonder if its small enough to go on a card haha. and then I seen you are going to wear it. :) Have a good day! & thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #51

  24. Your creative space looks lovely Tertia! So much storage, light and airy! Lovely colouring and crocheting - I did that try that once but didn't get far, LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and sorry it took me a while to come back to you! Have a lovely weekend! zsuzsa #32

  25. I'd like your craft room. It looks so inviting. Your coloring is great too and so is that crocheting. Are you sure that was your first go round. Good for you for sticking to your principles! Thank you for the visit earlier. PJ #47

  26. How lovely to see you back again, Tertia. I am so sorry to hear of the awful time you've been having lately and I admire you greatly for sticking to your guns and not caving in under the wicked accusations. One's reputation is such a precious thing an sometimes one has to fight to preserve it when it is falsely accused. I hope and pray that you come out of this vindicated, and stronger than ever. I love your creative space - lots of room to work, and nice and bright and airy. Your crochet is gorgeous! It's fun to do, isn't it.

    Thank you for your lovely comment - I made another bus trip yesterday, this time with the wheelchair instead of the buggy, and it went really well! No poblems at all! My hubby was so proud of me, setting off on my own! I had some nice retail therapy at our out-of-town shopping centre. Glad you enjoyed me new stash!

    Keep us posted with how you get on with this dreadful conflict. Have a better week this week. I shall be thinking of you.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #52

  27. I don''t have a website and I don"t post here, just go through and snoop every week. But your troubles at school really concerned me so I just had to let you know you are doing the right thing by sticking it out. I taught for sixteen years, mostly fourth grade, and I was darn good at my job. I put a lot of effort into making education important and enjoyable for my students. My nemesis was my principal who decided she didn't like the way I did things, mainly because I didn't put as much store into all the testing as she did. She manipulated events and evaluations during my last year until I was mentally and emotionally drained, then announced I would not be renewed. I was floored! After all was said and done I was so burned I left teaching. I wish I hadn't let her get to me, let her lie about me, and most of all I wish I had stayed around for the kids. If you can get through this rough spot, I think you will come out the winner on the other side. Keep your head up!

  28. Dear Tertia, firstly I want to thank you for your visit earlier and the lovely, lovely comment you left me, it made my day! Secondly I want to thank you for your post and personal sharing it was very timely for me right now. I too went through something that not only ended what I thought of as my career, but also entirely changed the direction of my retirement life. I came to the conclusion after wasting a year of my life to being angry, that forgiveness and love was truly the only way back and even though I am still "going through the process" life has gotten better and better and I am now in a wonderful place both physically and mentally that I would never have gotten to without the ugly incident that preceeded it. Please do pop in to my brand new studio space often I would LOVE to get to know you better and to share in your creativity... ((Hugs)) and Happy belated WOYWW Scrapbooking Artist Lynne #45

  29. You are a teacher in heart and soul Tertia! And a true angel, not only to your grandson but also for 'your girls'... they may not all see it that way now but I am sure they will when they look back at this time in their lives later. Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier this week. Instead of creating, I sat on my balcony reading and enjoying the good weather last week. That's why I am late with visiting woyww-friends.. but today it's raining and it's a perfect morning to visit blogs so here I am, wishing you a beautiful Sunday! Hug from Holland, Marit #30

  30. I had to laugh the innocence of children. Maybe he thinks you can fly back and forth!
    I'm sorry for your struggles with your teaching. I pray you have strength to continue to rise above the bullies.
    Awesome craft space and super job on you flower I would have thought you'd been crocheting for years!!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  31. Oh my, what a sweet boy. The mind of a child. If only we still thought that way. Maybe tell him you want to be his Angel on Earth for as long as possible. Could you maybe give him something similar to the Angel In My Pocket... something he can keep with him or by his bedside?

    Go you on your decision to stand strong. I strongly believe our world was a better place when we were allowed to parent our children rather than trying to be their friend. (my rant here is done hehe). Crocheted flower turned out awesome. What are you going to do with it? Make more so it isn't lonely? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Creative Blessings! Kelly #37

  32. Your story about grandson touched me so deep. Who actually knows how to be an Angel? May be you are already sharing your human and angel nature at the same time ;)