Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WOYWW - Has it really been THREE months?!

Good evening all you wonderful people at WOYWW. I can not believe it has been three whole months since the last time I blogged. It feels like it was last week, except when I remember everything that has happened in those three months. A lifetime of drama and busy, busy, busy at school (even more than usual! Never thought that was possible, but it was!!)
On my desk today dear fellow deskers you will see a lot. A lot of not much happening and neglect of my poor little craft room. Some seeds, ready to be planted, so that I can have some colour in my life during winter. some half finished projects waiting patiently to be finished and a half done, huge notice board that has to go up outside DD's Sports center. To help her keep track of everything that is going on at school on the sports fields. Quite the task when you are the Head of Sport at a school that offers 11 different Sports in two different schools (Primary and High School). 

I have managed to do something creative to feed my soul. I found an adult colouring book with fairies inside, Two of my favourite things! colouring and fairies!! She was coloured with my beloved Copic markers and all that glitter on the wings?  Well ... it is hiding a big mistake, LOL (Sorry, it was planned like that)

Our beloved leader Julia is going through some health issues at the moment, so please pop around and leave her some good wishes and positive vibes. It is one of the great gifts in my life to be part of this group and to be teaching at a Catholic School. The prayers of children carry very special healing powers and I have added Julia to our daily prayers and believe that all will be well.


  1. I dare not buy a colouring book as I know I'll just get addicted.

  2. I have bought a colouring book but not started yet! :-) Anne x #50

  3. Lovely fairy. What a great way to 'hide' the 'mistake'. I'm not addicted to colouring books yet - I'm leaving that to my daughter

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #45

  4. Three months, that is a long time! I was thinking it had been a while since seeing your name in the linkies. Your colored-in fairy is lovely, Tertia.

    #52 this week

  5. Well done on joining in Tertia!!
    Lovely colouring indeed, I was given a colouring book at Christmas, it sat on my table all Jan, all Feb and then put it away a week ago. Just too busy at the mo.
    So much to do, so little time...

    Thanks for sharing your creativity and hope you're back before another three months pass,
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shaz in Oz.x #5

  6. Welcome back! Life has a habit of running away with you sometimes. I am retired and sometimes find it difficult to find the time to blog and comment.
    I love your fairy. Mistake or not, she is beautiful and has lovely wings.
    Thanks for your visit yesterday and sorry for the late reply,
    Belated happy WOYWW,

  7. I love how you colored the folds in the fairies skirt so much :) ~Stacy #55

  8. what mistake? I didn't see a thing. Looks perfect ;-) As to the coloring books.. I bookmark pages on pinterest and intend to print them out when I find the time. Now where did the time go! Creative Blessings Kelly #53

  9. Love your coloring page and yes coloring is a great way to feed your soul. Keep coloring and stay inspired!!

  10. Belated WOYWW your coloring of the fairy is beautiful I love the glitter it makes it magical. Have a fantastic week Hugs~Anne L #36