Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday beautiful, beautiful girl!

Today my little girl is 22! I can hardly believe that 22 years have passed since she was born. I made her a gift set for her birthday. The card is made with paper and flowers from Prima marketing. Cardstock is Bazzil and brad is from Enmarc. The image was coloured with my Copics. The birthday card had money in, with the instruction that the money may only be used to travel with!

Here is the gift set. Couldn't have chosen better images or sentiments for her. She is crazy about shoes, any shoes! Even her Sport shoes have to be special. We gave her a book she has wanted to read for a long time and I made a box to put it in. The bookmark is metal and has the Irish blessing engraved on it, I made a little envelope to put it in. The shoe was coloured with Copics and I used Flowersoft (must admit, after a lukewarm start it is growing on me).

And here she is - the birthday girl! Call me prejudiced, but I think she is beautiful! I am so proud to be her mother. She has taught me so much. In spite of suffering from Epilepsy, she has never, ever let it stand in her way, she has used it to prove that not only can you lead a normal life, you can lead an exceptional life! In that little body lives a giant. She plays Water Polo for South Africa, her province (Gauteng) and her University. She had a devastating injury last year that kept her from playing Netball for a year, but she never gave up and trained so hard to be back stronger than ever. She is the most honest person I know. She is the most giving person I have ever met, traveling with food in the car, just in case she sees a beggar on the streetcorner. She coaches sport to young children and never holds back. Love you Ankie - Have a great life darling and never stop being the amazing person you are!

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  1. happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
    she is just thrilled with it!
    Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)