Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day.

The party was last night, so I can finally show you the invitations I made for my friend's sister. She chose this one and asked me to make 70. All paper is Bazzil. The embossing was done with my Cuttlebug. The heart stamp is a freebie I got from a Brittish magazine about a year ago..
Here they are! About half of the invitations on my carpet. Still can't believe just how much work it was.
Apart from the invitations, I also made all the placemats, place name cards, Table numbers, serviette rings and a seating plan. I am waiting for some photo's. Hopefully I will have them soon and then I will show you.
Felt so sorry for them yesterday. We woke up to no electricity. (I live in Africa, remember!) I knew that they still had to make all the food for the party, so I went next door and told her to come over to my house to cook the food. I invested in a gas stove about ten years ago - the best thing I ever did! My poor neighbour has pneumonia and still had to make all the food all by herself, Her sister, the one that was actually doing the party for her boyfriend, went to have her hair done! I had to take my granddaughter to a party so I really could not stay to help. That left my poor husband helping out as much as he could. If it was not for my dear Constance (our domestic helper), I don't know what would have happened.
When I got home from the party, they were almost finished. DH told me later that the sister came home from the hairdresser, promptly had a panic attack and left!!!
Amazing how some people get everybody else to do their work and then end up getting panic attacks from all the pressure and hard work. I had no time to have any kind of attack, I was too busy and her poor sister, who should actually have been hospitalised, did not have time for that nonsense either.


  1. Wow, what a great layout. I love these. TFS.

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  3. They really came out great. I still think you have an amazing big heart to do this for someone.

  4. You really went to a lot of trouble for your friend. Please see the post on my blog for the 13th of Febr. There's a little something for you.