Monday, November 15, 2010

A Thank You, A Christmas card and A reminder to be grateful.

Still very busy, but I did manage to get some cards in (actually, I needed to make some cards to take my mind off things LOL) The first card is a thank you for the very wonderful lady that works in the school office - I owe her more than just a card! The wonderful image was a freebie at Just Inklined (its no longer a freebie, but you can purchase it here ( )It was coloured with my Copics, I coloured three images and cut out sections to give it some dimention. Other than that there is just some Bazzil, a left over piece of Melissa Francis paper and a lot of love.
The next card is a new digi that I found (true to form, I forgot to write down or save the link, so if you recognise it, please let me know) Coloured with my Copics again, cut out with my new Nellie Snellen die that I bought at the craft fair and glitterified with some stickles. The paper is a left over piece from my scrap box and the ribbon is from my stash. Cardstock is Bazzil.
Here's a close up so that you can see my bad colouring (I was in a really bad place when I coloured this one!:)) and the Glitter around the feet.

Now to the reminder to be grateful. (personal ramblings, so stop reading now if you find it boring). I have just had the most horrible weekend. It all started on Friday.
You know by now that it is exam time at school. My grade 11's wrote both their Afrikaans papers on Wednesday. They actually moved the papers to start the exam earlier than first intended. I saw the original time table and was asked if I would mind if it was changed- so I thought that that would be the only change. How wrong can you be to assume things. I intended to finish typing the grade 10 papers this weekend and hand it to my HOD for proofreading today, so that I could fix it and hand it in for copying in time for the 22nd. Something (I am sure God sent an Angel), tapped me on the shoulder at about 11h00 on Friday and told me to double check the time table. No time table on the notice board in the staffroom, so I walked all the way to a gr. 10 homeroom class to check and..... you guessed it, they are writing TODAY!!! I wanted to vomit. I got such a shock, I could not even think straight for a few moments. Anyway, to spare you the long story = I rushed home after school, typed the paper, e-mailed it to my HOD, she fixed it, e-mailed it back, I fixed it and printed it. On Saturday morning the lady from the office came in to copy my paper (see why I need a thank you?) and collated it. Crises averted. Thank you God for that nudge to check.
But wait.... There's more..... On Saturday was my other daughter's Baby Shower. I used my DH's bakkie, because I needed to take tables, chairs and everything else to the venue. He used my car to go to DD no 1's Nursey School to be Father Christmas at their annual Christmas party. At about 11h30, I got a call from DH: "I am so sorry" he said, "I just had an accident in your car" I thought he was joking, but no, its no joke. The car had to be towed away! He's OK, the car is not! My baby, she has less than 20 000km on the clock and this happens! I wanted to be angry, but then I realised - if he was in his old little bakkie, he would have been dead, because my car has so many safety features that his doesn't, if he was in the bakkie, he wouldn't have been wearing his seatbelt, the only 'injury' he has is a bruise from the seatbelt. Thank you God for making sure he was in the right car.
Have a great week everybody, see you soon.


  1. Love the card Tertia. Well just goes to show how good He is and looks after us, when we don't even realise and appreciate it. Thank goodness everyone is OK and apart from your car,(bad news that is) everything went off well. Have a great week from here on.

  2. Goeie tyd vriendin. Jy is omtrent deur 'n storm die naweek. Ek is so bly jy het agter gekom die eksamen is vandag en dat jy darem jou vraestel betyds ingekry het. Ek is ook so dankbaar teenoor die Here dat jou man nie ernstig beseer is in die ongeluk nie.



  3. Goodness me Tertia, what a test of faith you've been through. We've also been tested severely these past 3 weeks... story too long and not appropriate to type here, but all is good and well and God is so faithful. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. No, I have never found that damn parking ticket... hy't spoorloos probably still in the machine...LOL So pleased your DH is alright. Love your cards... good luck with the rest of the exams. Tons of hugs, Sharon x

  4. Shame Tertia, het nou eers hierdie gelees!! Wat 'n tebakel!! Bly jy is daardeur en dat jou man veilig is:)