Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WOYWW - Has it been TWO weeks?!

I can not believe that it has been two weeks since I have had time to sit behind the computer to blog. Lots happening at school (setting of exams, choosing leaders for 2011-2012 and, and...). Even more happening on the home front. (DD's car had to be fixed, DS's car broke down completely and he had to get a new one, other DD is struggling financially and we had to help and, and...) So sorry girls, but blogging had to take a back seat,
On my workdesk today you will find this wrapped box! It is being delivered tonight. It is my eldest daughter's 32nd birthday today.
Inside the box you ask? I know my sister is jumping up and down right about now. LOL Ever since we were children she has hated a wrapped present and if you took too long to open it, she would just 'help' you open it, so here it is just for you Berdine, the contents of the box.

A beautiful cup cake gift card holder in Daniela's favourite colour - purple. Ribbons and flowers are from my local Habby shop. Paper is by Melissa Francis. I also added a Pandora bracelet that I made at a fraction of the cost of a bought one. All beads are from Paradise Crafts

And a matching necklace.

I am really hoping to not be gone for weeks again.

Just in case there is somebody out there that hasn't heard it or, just maybe I have never mentioned it before -I am going to CHA in July! All tickets and Accommodation is booked, VISA is in my passport, so now I just wait very 'patiently' for July.

Happy crafting everybody.


  1. If you see this comment tinged in green...just know I am so jealous of you going to CHA!

    Stunning gift card holder and stunning bracelet and necklace...jy is 'n vrou met vele talente;-)

  2. Delicious looking cupcake, so pretty, gorgeous jewels too!
    Happy crafting and WOYWW!

  3. What a gorgeous cup cake and jewellry. They really are stunning.

  4. Amazing jewellery. what a lovely gift. Hope your life setles down soon

  5. What a pretty box - and a fab present inside it!!

  6. what a fab box!!! enjoy CHA - i'm not envious at all .................

  7. Beautiful cupcake gift card holder, bracelet and necklace. Not to worry, family always comes first. Until next week then, Happy WOYWW

  8. What an awesome present for your daughter! Need another DD? I hope you have fun at CHA! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  9. Patiently - LOL!! Beautiful gift for your daughter. And no-one understands more about absence from blogging like all of us; it's tough to do it all, and priorities are family, huh!