Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lots happening in my life at the moment as you all know. Its been 13 days since my DH smoked his last cigarette. By his own admission its the hardest thing he has EVER done. He is really battling, but I am so proud of him that he has stuck it out for almost two weeks (don't tell him, but I never gave it more that 2 or 3 days! - Oh me of little faith.) He is back at work and looking better than he has in years.
Then there is the selection of leaders at school for the next term of office ( I ask myself a 100 times a day why I agreed to run the programme) I find it so stressful to make sure that all the girls have a fair chance and that we, as the teachers, don't allow our own personal likes and dislikes take over from fairness and common sense. We are only human after all.
Then there are exams starting next week, so I am in the middle of setting exam papers. That is why you won't find anything creative on my desk this week. I am not even in my craftroom, I am in the office, behind the computer. Can't even show you the last creative thing I did for the PiF thing. I have to wait untill it has been recieved - lets all hope it is soon and does not take African time to get there!

It is FREEZING here, 13 degrees max. ( I know that does not sound cold to some of you, but I am freezing and on top of the cold we are having unseasonal rain! If I wanted to be cold AND wet, I would live in Cape Town! It is not supposed to rain in winter here in Gauteng.

Hopefully by next week my papers will be set and the leaders chosen and I can be creative again. Untill then keep warm and send some sunshine this way please.


  1. Congratulations for your DH giving up smoking, well done. Great workspace, like me you share it with your pc, Thank you for sharing, Happy WOYWW 105, #22. (please do check out my blog candy)

  2. Good luck Tertia with all that is happening in your life. It is great that things are going well with your DH, especially the non smoking bit. About the weather, we hope that we go back to our normal winter soon, sunny days and cold nights, I can handle that. Warm wishes

  3. Glad to hear your OH is back at work and on the mend. Have a smoking OH myself and I know how stressful it can be for the partner as well as the smoker. OH is cutting down and is managing to smoke half of what he was but is getting very stressed never the less.
    Rain and cold - you could be in Britain for that, not that East Anglia is having much of either at the moment.
    x Tricia (39)

  4. Let's hope your DH can stick it out, as it will be the best thing he's ever likely to do... Ja-nee... welcome to Cape Town is all I can say about the weather... we're having our fair share of the wet and cold. Those storms I saw on TV last night was seriously hectic in your part of the world. Our worst weather is yet to come... Let's all keep each other in prayer, especially for those who are homeless. hugs Sharon x

  5. Congratulations to your DH for giving up the dreaded weed. My husband gave up over 15 years ago now, and all the money he saved bu not buying the cigarettes went into a special account, and at the end of the first year he had enough to buy a brand new, super pair of binoculars for his birdwatching (feathered variety). Hope your weather has settled back to its normal condition over there. We are having the driest spring for a very long time, all our plants are dying and the birds are struggling to find enough food for their babies.

  6. Hi Tertia

    Congrats to your DH for making it to nearly two weeks! Make sure he rewards himself regularly, or do as Maggie says and put all the money into a savings scheme and really treat yourself. Seeing the money build up is a great incentive not to start again - it's very easy (and as an ex-smoker, I know) to forget the health issues and fall off the proverbial wagon. WTG you too, you sound pretty upbeat but I know how hard this must have been for you...

  7. Gosh it is cold there for you.... it's warmer here yet I had to wear socks to bed to keep my feet warm this week so it must be worse for you.
    Why not get your little grandee involved with DH's giving up the dreaded fags? She might spur him on.
    That was a lovely story BTW... we have one aged just 4 and they are so adorable in what they say and do!
    Hugs JoZarty x

  8. Pass on my congratulations to your DH for a job well done. Your probably need some congrats for moral support. I share you hatred of the cold it is the same here in OZ and we normally have sunshine. The world is all topsy turvy.

  9. Hi there Tertia did not realise you were if is cold here in the mornings and evenings, and was sunny today - just gorgeous sunshine. I went for walk down at the beach but it's a long weekend this weekend and and we are in for rain and more rain! there is flood watch for the whole east coast from Brisbane to the Newcastle area: and as I am in the middle of that will probably cope the worst of it we seem to for some reason or rather thankfully I am not in a flood area, but if we get a 6 metre tsunami I will be under water!! 5 metres and it laps the front of our block.
    So glad that hubby is doing so well and pray he keeps off the cigarettes!! it is scare when those we love so dearly are hit with a major health issue.
    thanks for sharing and pray the stress of decisions of the week ahead are God blessed,
    love Shaz in oz.x

  10. Congrats to your OH so far.
    No rest for the wicked eh? lol

  11. I never dreamed it could get cold in SA.
    I am in the UK and our weather isn't much better. One day I hope to visit SA.
    Happy WOYWW and sorry I am so late but have been away.

  12. Floods down this side Tertia.
    Tell your hubby it does get better , 2 years of no smoking for me on June 30 th

  13. hi tertia!! aggg so sorry about your hubby, i am sure by now he is fine! good luck with the stop smoking,shame that is hard, i so wish my husband would stop too!! lovely cards, had a catch up here on your blog:) enjoy your week and keep warm!!!

  14. Sorry I missed a visit here ...well done hubby for giving up ... I haven't smoked for 3 1/2 years now ...not bad after 46 years of inhaling. Sometimes I fancy one but knowing I used to smell like all the smokers do, stops me.xx