Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WOYWW - packed and ready to go.

 I Have absolutely no idea why blogger is giving me this blurred picture of my desk! Please let me knoe if you get it too, then I will try to reload. As you can see (I hope) this is not my normal craft desk, it is my dining room table, with everything I need to take with me to school today. There is my school stuff in my Little Yellow Bicycle bag (a gift last year at CHA, just to remind me that I was actually there), my laptop, my camera and my animal print trolley bag filled to the brim with ribbon, flowers and the heat gun. I have to make a cup cake thank you for a friend and while it is exams and I have some spare time before my paper is written, I might as well use the time creatively. Remember to visit the rest of the crazy WOYWWers
 Then here is the long promised photo of our newly built 'stoep'. They were busy plastering when I took this photo and you will have to use A LOT of imagination to see it as it would be when it is finished, but just think SUMMER with those sliding doors pushed open and having a braai with the family! It sounds like bliss right now
If you don't like reading personal ramblings then please stop reading now.
As most of you know, I have been crazy busy at school and last week was no exception. Some of you also know that I have the honour of doing the school run with my grandchildren, which I find very tiring, but very satisfying, because it means I get to see them every day and I get to know what is going on in their little heads.
Last Thursday they had an eye screening at our school, which is just a routine thing normally. On that particular day my little grandie, Tertia-Lee, was complaining of toothache, so mom got an emergency appointment with a dentist which meant that she had to fetch Tersie early to take her. Little did we know that it was God's plan to get mom to school, because as she walked into the school, the head mistress called her and told her that the Optometrist wants to talk to her. Turns out that Ters has only 10 persent vision in her right eye. Mom got such a fright, she took her to 2 other people just to make sure. One of them discovered that she has a massive cataract in her right eye with one forming in the left. If they did not discover this now, she could have gone completely blind!
From there it was one appointment after the next until they found the most amazing Ophthalmologist who explained that she needs surgery, but because she is so very young, she will have to have the lens the put in her eye replaced every 2 to 3 years. She had to have eye drops to dilute her pupils from Saturday till yesterday, so that they could measure the lens. Yesterday her parents were told that they could postpone the surgery untill September and try to help her by patching the good eye for a couple of hours a day. She will have to have the surgery sooner or later, but the doc wants to let het grow as much as possible before they do it.
This is a result of mom having such very traumatic pregnancies (she gets violently ill for most of the 9 months) and the took little brother (18months) for a test too and he has the same thing, but thankfully at such an early stage that it can be medically controlled.
On the same day that all of this happened, my other DD's little one (also 18 months) was playing in her moms cake decorating room and pulled a slab of marble over on her little leg! Poor DD rushed her off to hospital, but apart from a really bad bruise, nothing seems to be broken, thank goodness.
So I do hope you will forgive me for not getting to many of you last week. I really hope to do better this time around. May you all have a fantastic week without any nasty surprises!
As far as my friend Cindy goes, she is almost half way with her weekly chemo and is doing exceptionally well. Little Tiani had her first chemo on Saturday and is starting to suck her bottle again. Thank you to all that have been praying for them.


  1. All good wishes to you and your family - what a traumatic time you are having. x Jo

  2. OH my word that is so young to be struggling with eyesight. I am intrigued that this is due to the illness your daughter had throughout the pregnancy. Is this common? At least they caught the little one in time. Hugs from Cape Town

  3. wow, what news but good they found this early. take care..... helen, 3

  4. Gosh what traumas - God will see you through. Thanks for stopping by BJ#8

  5. ...oh gosh Tertia what a testing time for you & your family, how amazing that a stress in pregnacy can cause this thank goodness it's been spotted in time for both of them...thanks for sharing...Mel :)
    Glad I made you smile a little :)

  6. oh my! poor babies! but hopefully now they can be successfully treated... and thankfully the other baby's leg wasn't broken!! my thoughts are with them all and their mamas...
    with love xx
    no. 46

  7. Poor you, hope your week ahead proves better! Hugs trace x

  8. Oh my word - hope things improve really soon! Di xx

  9. Oh Tertia, that puts everything into perspective, doesn't it. When people moan about 'the world today' I tell them I'm glad we live now because of instances like your grand daughter's eyesight. I wouldn't be here now if it hadn't been for wonderful medics saving my life when I had my eldest boy. I hope that they will be able to help all the family. Thinking of you....
    LLJ #1 xx

  10. Thank goodness they caught it relatively early and something can be done. Always painful for a Mum and Gran when a little one is involved but you will be able to help her get through it all. Sending cyber hugs to all.
    Ann B

  11. Oh my, I'm so terribly sorry for your troubles. You and your family are in my thoughts,

    Zoe #12

  12. Hi Tertia thank you for popping by to visit. My best wishes to you and yours at this troubled time. Hope WOYWW takes you mind off your troubles for a short while so you can recharge your batteries. Take Care WOYWW Hugs from Helen 14

  13. wow - what a week, amazing story and a miracle. Thank goodnes...hope all goes well and that things move swiftly for the family and that you can also find rest and peace about it all. Take care...Thanks for calling by...Sarah at 2

  14. oh my gosh your poor family has gone through so much and so have you, luckily everything can be fixed these days and hope all goes well
    Bridget #13

  15. WOW! you have had quite a bit of excitement in your family! So grateful that Tertia's eye problem was discovered and can be treated. She is beautiful BTW! That's thinking ahead to take stuff to work on while at school! Your stoep will be wonderful! I can see it! I know you can hardly wait! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment! I do get to see one of my granddaughter's almost daily. It is hard when they live so far away. And her Mom is married to a military man which may cause them to move even farther away :( Valerie #26

  16. so pleased that your granddaughters eye condition has been detected so can be treated,hope you have a better week and thanks for visiting me
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #25

  17. Wow Tertia, Lots of goodies in them bags I would think. Your patio/porch looks beautiful, you must take another piccie once its completed. Bless your grandaughter and I hope they have got it all under control. Hugs Rita 33. xxx

  18. I love that your grand daughter is named for you. I hate that she has to go through surgery, but the find, the fact that it can be corrected and that she won't be blind is a miracle...breathe easy...she will manage it much better than you will! I don't know how you plan so far as a table full of bags for school..your time management skills are amazing! I LOVE the new stoep....oh the family gatherings you'll have...a real bonus to your outdoor life that will be.

  19. Oh my gosh! Such young things to have such big eye issues. Luckily these things can be treated with meds or surgery these days. I think it is wonderful that schools test little one's eyes. It catches things that parents don't know or think about (like that my glasses were very outdated even though they were a year old). I am happy to see that I'm not the only person who goes places with enough baggage for a pack mule.

  20. Awww . . . poor littluns. I hope all goes well for them.

    Thanks for visiting me.

    Happy WOYWW.
    Sarn #4

  21. od hear tertia what a week you have had...luckily these eye doctors have become so smart that they will sort out your DGD!! luckily baby did not break a leg!
    On a brighter note,your patio is looking good i am sure it wil be enjoyed by the family. keep warm i believe its freezing in S.A. greeting froma hot Athens!!

  22. Oh my goodness, your week has been tramatic to the say the least. ((hugs and prayers for everyone )) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  23. Gosh.. what a week for the young little go through all this in their young lives..
    (prayers to all) thinking of you!! Hugs May x x x

  24. Oh my gosh, what a crazy week for you. So sorry to hear about your grandkids. I'm glad they caught the eye problems early for the 18 month old. And your little granddaughter will be fine. It's super scary, but at least they caught it too.

    My son had to have eye surgery when he was two, (he's 30 now so that was a long time ago) and although it's so scary, you know things will be better in the long run.

    Thanks for coming by to take a peek at my desk this week! Happy WOYWW!

    Amy E. #18

  25. Oh my gosh what a horrible and busy week it has been for you! I tend to get a little more concerned with the grandbabies being ill then I ever did with the kiddos and my son has a field day kidding me about it. Hope your week gets better. I know it doesn't help to say don't worry cause we always do but the eye surgeries are not horribly painful and WOW the vision she will get from it will make her uber happy! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  26. Oh dear, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are all to be included in prayer from now on. I am sure things will work out ok but what a week you have had.
    On a brighter note, I wish I had known you were at CHA we could have met up if only briefly. If you go again to the winter one let me know as I try to attend each year.
    Take care - Hugs, Neet (like the White Rabbit - late) #59 x

  27. Tertia oh my what a week you have had. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hugs,
    Erika. #41

  28. Hello Tertia,
    Thanks for visiting and sharing some fellow feeling about picky dies. Mind you, I like them when they work, but it's the incomplete cutting that gives me the irrits.
    That's quite a renovation you're doing and it will be great come the Summer. You have been busy....
    Best to you,
    Ros #9

  29. Oh crikey. I missed the important bit I had in mind. What a shock to find the little one's eye sight is less than wonderful. Hope things improve.

  30. Gosh - what news! Good news all round really - that things have been caught in time etc, and the right people are seeing (pardon the pun) to the issue.

    I completely missed the post about Cindy and Tiani so will have to trawl your blog to catch up on what's going on there.... doesn't sound too good....but fingers crossed for them.

    Love your Verandah - enjoy your Braais.

  31. Oh goodness what a basket of problems, the medical system these days have remarkable results and I am sure all will work out in the end, lucky they picked it up now. I do hope you get some time to yourself, it sounds full on and I know how that can be. I will be praying for your family and friends.

    Have a great crafting week
    Eliza #65

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  32. Oh my goodness, Tertia, what a lot your family has gone through recently! Praise God that little Tertia's mum was there on the day, and that medical intervention has been arranged for both her and her little brother. She is a beautiful little girl! Thank you so much for sharing about your family. I pray that all goes well with the surgery for her, and that soon they will both be seeing as they should!

    Your stoep looks amazing! How exciting! Nice to see your crafty bags all packed up too. None of the photos were blurry so no worries.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and so glad you like my poppies! I am very busy at the moment, with the craft show coming up next weekend, and lots to do before then!

    Sorry to be so long responding but I've been having problems with my comments awaiting moderation not being visible - it turns out it's a Blogger/Firefox problem since the latest Firefox upgrade, so I'm temporarily using IE till they sort it out - hopefully soon!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  33. wow! Tertia, you have been having fun over there but you can certainly see God's hand in things cant you,.. in spite of it all..and thank Him for His great mercies - pray all goes well her eyes and the right treatment all the way through..
    Oh, and just noticing I am not following you so decided to do that too :D
    And re the first pickie quite clear this end and thanks for the news on post from SA can quite understand that :D Happy belated WOYWW I am slow cos not 100% but dont think life ever gets different here, Shaz in oz.x

  34. Oh wow what a week! I hope the little ones get sorted and it is not too traumatic. These things always seem so unfair, but at least it has been caught early.

    Thank you for popping in to see me at WOYWW, I'm catching up today! Cindy

  35. What a week you've had!! Hopefully you'll have a slower, more "boring" week this week! Hugs!

  36. Sorry to be so late visiting Tertia but the decorating has meant that getting into my craft room has been difficult. Decorating is done now so as soon as everything is put back in its place things will be back to normal…whatever that is!

    Well, I hope you managed to get that cupcake made, it looks like you were taking ‘everything’ with you in preparation, Lol!

    What a good job that the school checked Tertia-Lee’s eyes and found the problem early. I had a cataract removed last year, the result of a detached retina repair and the op is so quick and simple so hopefully they can sort her out quickly and she realises that the further ops she’ll need in the future are nothing to worry about. I hope it all goes well for her.

    Thanks for stopping by this week.

    Happy Crafting!

  37. Oh so sorry to hear about your grand daughter still I think they can manage Chataract quite well these days so she will be fine!
    Lots of hugs,

  38. I've just read this, as I didn't get round to following any WOYWDW last week. What a shock for your daughter and you. My 5 year old had an eye test a few weeks ago and a similar thing happened. She has severe astigmatism in both eyes and I'm collecting her glasses in 2 days. I was absolurtely gutted, but I'm gald it has been picked up on because the optician said her brain must have been working really hard to compensate. Hope there's a good outcome for your granddaughter

  39. i'm so glad that they found out about your grandchildren's condition before it was too late! when my stepson was around 7 or 8 years old, we found out that he has a congenital eye condition. he is legally blind in one eye and we didn't even know about it (something in his eye did not develop and there is nothing anyone could do). at first we were concerned about how he would manage and we thought he wouldn't be allowed to drive. now he is 18 years old and drives (only during the day) and plays football and we hardly ever remember he has this condition. Thank goodness!