Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOYWW - The world is spinning!

Good morning to all the wonderful people out there. Thank you for still reading my blog and leaving such wonderful comments, even when my world is spinning completely out of control. A warm welcome to all the WOYWW friends. Hope you all had a great, fantabulistic time at the crop. (Insert really green and sad face here)
 I have been MIA for quite some time, but all will be revealed later. I did, however, do something crafty. I had to make invitations for grandie nr 2's birthday party. She is so different from grandie nr. 3. No flashy party with LOTS of people, for her its just 5 friends (her brother and cousins are included in the 6)
 She wants to take them to Wild Waters, a local waterpark. So she wanted invitations that looked like a waterslide. What do you think? I made double slider cards and used a LaLa Land stamp that was coloured with my beloved Copics. Papers are Bazzil and Uppikit.
Now on to my spinning world. I have been incredibly busy at school with the usual 'silly season' stuff. Prizegiving for our year 12's, Their Valedictory, helping the prefects with all their functions, helping the new teachers organise next years Matric Dance, and trying to teach (which is my actual job!!) Then the news came.. little Tiani, the 19 month old girl with the brain tumour, got devastating news. Even though they removed 95% of the tumour (it was 6x7cm big!!), she still had to have chemo, but... the chemo is actually only preventing the tumour from growing and killing her little body in the process, not killing the tumour. Her only hope is very specialised proton treatment which is not available in South Africa. She has to go to the USA to be treated.
Her parents are both teachers and the medical aid does not pay for any international treatment. Now, you must realise she is the same age as my grandies nr 4 and 5, so every time I look at them, my heart breaks. We teach at a Catholic school and the school and community have rallied around and are trying every way we can to help this family save Tiani. In just over a week we have raised more than R300 000 of the R1.8 needed. This came from some of our parents to a little grade 1 that handed in an envelope with R25 declaring 'Its my pocket money and I would like to give it to Tiani'. The staff decided to do something really big. We are organising a social for the kids on the 2nd of November where we hope to raise more than R250 00. What did I do? I volunteered to co-ordinate the social with one of my dear friends (I know, I know, I don't have time, but how can I NOT do it?) We have 9DJ's playing for free and the most amazing raffle prizes are streaming in, but dear friends, I have NO time to even breathe. Please read Tiani's story on Fb at the 'Hope for Tiani' page. Like the page and spread the word. I would really love it if you all can become part of Tiani's Army and be prayer warriors while we try our best to save this little girl.
Have a great week, hoping to surface soon and to came visiting.


  1. Like you, I can relate to how you would feel if she was one of my own Grandchildren and what a gorgeous little girl she is too. Sending lots of positive vibes and prayers her way for a successful outcome.
    A x #62

  2. Its always the busy ones who take on more roles isnt it! you are doing a very worthwhile and wonderful thing though - I wish you luck and hope she gets the treatment she needs. Love your waterfall card too! Hope your granddaughter has a great day. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  3. They do say, if you want to get a job done then ask a busy person - and that's you for sure. Such a sad story and such a beautiful little girl, makes my heart feel so sad and here I am complaining about the pain of RA, what do I know? I do hope they can raise funds for her treatment.

    Love your beautiful card btw, I think it is perfect for the occasion. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #41

  4. Dis so 'n hartseer storie...ek sal haar en haar ouers opdra in gebed.

  5. It is so important to reflect on what blessings we have, as there are always people out there going through the most horrendous stuff every day. I do hope you guys are successful raising the funds you need. Well done you for getting involved. Wishing you all the very best, hugs Buttons #119

  6. I feel for you and this tiny, precious child. As a US citizen, I had no idea this procedure was only available in the US. It's too bad the rest of the world can't benefit, but there would be no bottom line (which is always all about the MONEY) if the companies and hospitals that control this were to give it away. Of course, I think that is silly, but I'm all about giving. Giving back, giving forward, giving my all. Just like you, my dear. I hope this benefit provides the remaining funds you need. You are such a sweetie, I KNEW before I read it, that you would be involved in some way with this project.

    BTW, that card/invitation is adorable, too. Have a great week. Happy probably belated WOYWW from # 2.

  7. Darling little Granddaughter and darling invitations for the party. Such beautiful coloring on this cute image.

  8. First of all love the invitations.
    They are adorable.
    But secondly, am so sorry that money is what is standing in the way of that little girl getting treatment.
    And how uplifting it is to read about all people are trying to do to help her!
    Will definitely visit her facebook page.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Mary Jo #115

  9. Thanks for telling us about Tiani - let's hope she gets the treatment she needs. Bless her, she is so beautiful.x Jo

  10. How terrible to hear the bad news about little Tiani. I hope you are able to raise lots of money to send her to the USA for treatment.
    Bernice #80

  11. Happy WOYWW. Tiani's beautiful face just puts everything into perspective. If I can help in anyway by sending some cards or other gifts to sell, then please send your address to me. Enjoy your forthcoming event, and the party invite for your GD is fab. Ali x #87

  12. Prayers offered here for this poor little one.

  13. I can't imagine what her parents are going through.....thank goodness there are people like you in the world!

  14. Thank you for sharing Tiani's story - your work in spreading the word must be bringing hope to her family in such difficult times.

    Your water slide card is inspired - very clever! Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  15. Oh, my heart and prayers go out to you and Tiani. It is heart breaking I know as my middle grandee, in Germany, has leukaemia and we too have been through it. After nearly losing her almost 2 years ago she is now in "management" and doing so well. Never give up hope as there are wonders to be done and if I can help I will. I wish I'd known before I mailed off your blog candy parcel so I could have added extra but if you let me know how I can help , if I can make anything to fundraise etc., I will.
    Storming Heaven right now and Tiani will be on my mind especially every time I see my own sweet one on skype.
    Love Jo x

  16. Thinking of you... you and your family are in my heart and prayers.
    Jo x

  17. Hi dear Tertia, Jo told me of this page so am now praying too for your family and little Tiani, our God hears the smallest cry when we come in His dear Son's, the Lord Jesus' name, for mercy and grace... in abundance, love and every blessing, Shaz in Oz.x