Friday, February 7, 2014

Supreme Scrap Challenge - 1000 steps from home.

Scrapbooking: 1000 steps from homeMake a double layout or double mixed media project that shows where your live.
But it all has to be within 1000 steps from your home!!!!
For example you could make photos of your favorite tree, bus stop, house as long it is within 1000 steps of your home!

- You can not use any spray inks!
- You will have to use at least 3 photos on your project (scrapbooking and mixed media!!)
- You will have to add a visible journaling of at least 50 words

That was quite a challenge, especially because my Mojo seemed to fly out the door, just as the Challenge was posted on the Supreme Scrapbooking Challenge.
I went for a walk around my neighbourhood and took photo's of the strangest things. Potholes and street signs, Old rusted cars in somebody's yard, the shop, the hospital, schools, dogs and kids. I really think my neighbours are now convinced that I am crazy. LOL
Still no Mojo and time was running out! Then I heard the song 'You are my Sunshine' on the radio and suddenly it all fell into place.
I live in sunny South Africa (even though we have had rain for the past week), my suburb is called Sunward Park, I live in Sonskyn Road (Sunshine Road in Afrikaans), the schools and almost every other place around my house has some sort of reference to the sun and... I would NEVER survive without the sun.
Mr. Mojo was back and just in the nick of time too! I spent the next few hours planning and cutting out the sun rays and clouds and the title and playing with the photo's taken on my walk. I love the result and I really hope you do too


  1. Nice one Tertia , sounds like you live on the Sunny side of the street. Good luck with the competition.

  2. You are my only make me happy when skies are grey....

    Lovely double page Tertia...we are so blessed to live in sunny South Africa.