Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WOYWW - having fun, listening to Christmas carols.

This is my desk today. My granddaughter plays violin with her teacher at a shopping centre. Mom and dad needed to go do some Christmas shopping and I am the only one left with enough patience to sit at a coffee shop for 4 hours while she plays. Lucky me!
It is so amazing to watch people's reaction when they walk past. They literally do a double take when they look and see that not only is it live music, but an 8 year old is playing like that. I am so proud of her, she has only been playing for about 6 months. Her teacher says that he has never come across such a young child with so much talent and passion for the violin. My dad is probably very happy in heaven, he used to play the violin and mom was an opera singer, sadly none of their kids or grandchildren showed any interest. As part of our school's curriculum all our grade 2's get to plat violin for a term and from the very first day Tertia-Lee walked into that class, that was all she could talk about. 
I am off on holiday in two days an will only be back on the 29th, so I wish you all a very blessed Christmas.


  1. Oh Wow - no wonder you are proud of her. Perhaps this musical talent has jumped a generation and will come out now in the young ones.
    Happy Christmas - Hugs, Neet 22 xx

  2. That must be exciting for your granddaughter...and you! Have a blessed season! patsy

  3. How beautiful to see your young gdaughter playing so beautifully, you must be very proud. I got a kick out of her summer dress and Christmas hat though!! Have a wonderful holiday and time off over Christmas.

    Brenda 38

  4. Such a beautiful picture of your granddaughter playing the violin! And that she loves it is even more fabulous! Merry Christmas and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #39

  5. So adorable. And I am envious, you must live in a place that is warm right now. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #41

  6. Your Grandaughter looks lovely playing for the masses. I hope she continues to enjoy practicing and playing for her life time! Music is such a blessing. Happy WOYWW. #25

  7. How very exciting for you and your GD! It is so wonderful to see a young child so passionate for music.
    Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!
    Krisha #9

  8. So wonderful. i love taking my grandson to band practise - he plays the cornet - he is seven and is apparently very good :-) another proud grandma :-) his daddy our son was an accomplished piano and trombone player so we are very pleased the talent has been passed on - think it came from my grandma and great grandma - certainly not me :-) Happy WOYWW #9

  9. Oh bless her! You must be very proud.
    Have a lovely holiday and a very blessed Christmas to you and yours,

  10. I'm really late getting round to all my blogging friends's been one of those days :-)
    How exciting. You really must have been sat full of pride.
    Annie x #21

  11. How adorable! I recently watched a special on violins and the Stratavarius (sp) violins. It was so interesting. It sounds like your granddaughter has the passion to continue with it!

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (43)

  12. Your granddaughter must have a huge talent to do that, good for her.. and for your for having the time and patience to sit and listen. Have a great holiday, and Happy Christmas. Helen #1

  13. How wonderful to have such talent at such a young age. Anita #51