Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life is what happens when you make other plans.

These last few days have been crazy. I seem to use the word 'crazy' a lot lately. I taught the paper crafting class at school that I have been preparing for for over a month and I am happy to report that all the girls had a blast. Everybody finished their projects and we even made more than a hundrrd butterflies for the butterfly project! I am posting a picture of them with their books and mini albums. It is one of life's most rewarding experiences to be a teacher and to be part of children's growth.
During the night on Sunday, I woke from a very deep sleep to find my husband standing next to the bed, clutching his chest, not being able to breathe! I didn't know what was happening and by the time I was fully awake, he had recovered a little and refused to let me take him to hospital. After much begging and pleading he went for some blood tests, which revealed extremely high cholestrol. He had to wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours and went for an ECG this morning. All is well, thank goodness! Turns out he had a panick attack after he dreamt he was being attacked by giant spiders! Now I can laugh about it, but trust me it was so NOT FUNNY at the time!
On Tuesday I got a call from Anke to tell me she had fallen on the Netball court - AGAIN!!!! - while demonstrating to the girls she coaches what to do. She injured her knee again and needed to see a doctor on Wednesday before she leaves on Thursday for Currie Cup ( the national Water polo tournament!) So, yesterday I went to fetch her, drove back home to our dr., drove her back home and then came back home again in peak hour traffic! The dr. said that she would be able to play, but that he didn't think it would be a very good idea. She only heard the 'will be able to play' part of course!
This morning she had to be at the physio at 7 so that she could strap the knee and teach her how to strap it for herself during the tournament. Then I had to drive her to work from where a friend would give her a lift to the pick up point to leave for Durban. They must be almost there by now. Then I had to drive back to school - in peak hour traffic again. This of course means that I did not get all the marking done that I had planned for this week while all the girls are away on camp.
Again I have been in awe of God's planning this week! If it hadn't been the week everybody at school was on camp, I would have had to take leave to ferry Ankie around. A friend at school had been planning to go with the girls on leadership camp. They always take three teachers and about a week before they left another teacher invited herself along on the camp, much to everybody's disgust, BUT... the week end before they were due to leave, my friend's mother took ill and had to be admitted to ICU, which meant that she couldn't go on camp. If the other teacher had not invited herself, they would have had to find somebody else which is an almost impossible task at such short notice. How's that for devine planning?

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