Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long time no post, BUT....

... it was my birthday and I can slack if I want to! Seriously though, it was my 50th birthday and I have had an incredible few days. First there was breakfast with all my special friends and then on Good Friday, my actual birthday, all my kids came over for a braai. It was the best gift just to have them all there with me. It makes me realise just how lucky I am to have them all so close to me and to be able to see my grandchildren as often as I do.

I was given the most special gift from all my children and grandchildren. A silver charm bracelett with three discs on. Each disc has the imprint of one of the grangchildren's fingerprints with their name engraved on it. How special is that?!!
On Saturday we all went to a restaurant to celebrate - again!!! This party just did not stop. All my children were there as well as a few very special friends and my family. My wonderful sister and her husband. My brother was the only person missing, but it was his eldest daughter's 18th birthday party, so I understand. The top photo is with all my children and grandchildren. How did I get so lucky to be surrounded with so many beautiful people? The second photo is all my 'outlaws'. All the special men in my daughters' lives. The only thing a mother asks for is that her daughters partner loves her and makes her happy and that is exactly what these three do.
Sorry guys, I got a camera from my hubby, so now it is back to posting terrible photo's again. I am doing that photography course soon, so hopefully my photos will get better.

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