Sunday, September 27, 2009

Helping a friend and its STILL September in my house!

I told you I was working in my craftroom with my friend the other day, but I never told you what we were doing. I was too busy complaining about my life - LOL.
We were busy making thank you cards for her. She is the friend who's mom passed away a while ago and she wanted to thank a few people for all the help and support they had given her. She is my big scrapping buddy, but the cardmaking thing is not her forte, so she asked me to help. This card is what we came up with.

It is made with only Bazzil cardstock, a Heidi Swapp stamp, a border punch and some bling. Very simple, but very effective.

OK, here comes the next exciting episode in my month of September.
On Thursday morning I got a phone call from Hannah. "Ouma," came a very tearful voice over the phone, "where can you buy silkworms?" When I told her I didn't know, she started crying, so hard and so heartwrenchingly sadly that I found myself crying without knowing why.
Finally she gave the phone to her mother and Karin told me that they woke up that morning to find that the ants had attacked her silkworms during the night and killed them. You must understand that these silkworms had names, Cinderella and Sylvester. They came with to school and were fed three times a day.
Karin told her that she should stop crying, because the worms were in heaven now. That made her cry even harder. She said:"no mommy, they are NOT in heaven, they are still being eaten!" Karin had to wait untill she was distracted and then took the worms out of the box and threw them away. A little while later, Hannah told her that she thought the worms were in heaven now, because they were no longer there.
Operation 'find silkworms for Hannah" started in my family. We even searched the internet. Did you know you could buy silkworms on the internet? They were too far though, but then Ankie remembered that Barry's mom had silkworms and phoned her. She was so kind and sent 4 worms with Barry. Hannah was bouncing up and down she was so happy. She couldn't stop hugging and kissing Barry.
Thursday afternoon I had to travel to Magalliesburg for my niece's kitchen tea. Ankie came with me, but was picked up by Barry from the party to go to Spring break at Sun City for the long weekend. That meant that I was travelling home alone that evening.
Drving on the main road to Johannesburg, near Krugersdorp, my car suddenly overheated and every light came on, telling me to STOP. I stopped next to the road, but knew I could not phone DH, because he would just flip out completely, he was still not over the last car fiasco. Then I remembered that my brother stays in Krugersdorp! I phoned Jannie and he came to my rescue within 10 minutes. He filled the car with water and told me to follow him to the closest garage at a shopping centre. He said we should have coffee and wait for the car to cool down completely before I tried to drive home.
What a gift this time I got to spend with my brother was! We talked, laughed, I cried a bit about all the drama in my life and he just listened and said all the right things. We ate pizza and talked for about two hours. Then he followed me almost all the way home to make sure I was OK.
Funny thing is, since then the car has not lost a drop of water and has not overheated again. In the beginning of the year, when I was going through another bad spell, I came to understand that God has devine timing and that everything happens for a reason. Now I can't help thinking that maybe God wanted my brother and I to spend some time together. He wanted me to remember just how much I love my brother and that I should spend more time with him. So, I thank God that my car overheated.


  1. Oh dear Tertia, it sounds like you have had some major dramas going on with cars and daughters and DH's gettin upset!!

    You haven't been singled out... I haven't been able to log in to TMW for days now... have no idea what is going on!!

    Sam is a Granny though... ;)

  2. ...and now it is October...and I hope and pray that it will be a wonderful month for you.